Last game you bought?

Yeah, I think this one is in my near future as well.

Legacy of Yu just arrived for me. I’d had my eye on one store which had it cheaper than elsewhere (with most of “elsewhere” having no stock at all). I was hoping the price might drop a bit further this week, but then I noticed that they claimed to have only one copy and the FOMO got to me, so I pulled the trigger ahead of the sales.


Ordered Furnace with the Interbellum expansion, because despite just being a couple of rounds in, I am enjoying the gameplay in our PbF game. Plus, due to sales, I was able to get both for just under $50 after shipping, which is basically the retail price of the base game. They’ll be getting wrapped and going under the tree, as we have decided to just get ourselves “gifts from the kids” so we know we are getting things we actually want rather than just random stuff the other thinks we might like.


Seas of Strife, which is of course a tricktaking game


I’d be interested to hear thoughts on player counts. BGG has only 12 users voting on the subject, and they seem strongly in favour of 4p, with several of them not recommending it at any other player count.


I’ve only played with 3 and it was really good. The kids tried it at 2 and enjoyed it.

I can see why it would be much better with 4, but it’s a good game anyway


So after thinking about this since the first time @Whistle_Pig posted a picture of it…

(the other person semi-responsible knows who they are :wink: )

I’ve never before owned a GMT game. I once tried to play Twilight Imperium Struggle (oops). And I tried to learn Dominant Species on the app (one of the very few app implementations I failed to grok) But I want to know what this COIN game thing is.

I plan on … uh … 4-handing this :slight_smile: Wish me luck.

PS: that cover can go right to the gallery of “why?”


Snapped it up in a FB post recently:


It’s really good, and surprisingly simple to play.

Now, playing it well is a different story and not one I’m qualified to tell


I’ve played that one a couple of times, and really enjoyed it.

Awful name, but a fun game.


Well, after waffling for what has felt like years, I finally own Flash Point: Fire Rescue. FLGS had 20% off used games and it came out to about $12, so figured, “Why not?”

Also bought Orichalcum for $30, but that’s a gift for a friend. Sounded pretty fun on the SU&SD podcast.


Someone made a game about quantitative easing???


I bought a bundle of death may die from a FB post was a great deal for season 1&2 and it’s one I’ve been eyeing for a while. whats the consensus here, is it worth playing with 2 investigators or better with players taking controls of 2 investigators each?


Orichalcum is fun! I haven’t had much chance to play mine but that’s for general lack of gaming opportunities not because the game isn’t great. There is also an official buy-or-print-it solo-mode that is pretty decent if you are interested in that. Bruno Cathala is not a fan of solo modes that might be difficult to manage. I think he once made a post how much he hates automas.


Just bought So Clover for 20% off in Travelling Man. Still using my TM gift card I got for leaving my job back in July.


I haven’t posted in this thread in awhile, but picked up a few games during/after a local con:

Bamboo, already got this to the table and it’s great fun.

Tiny Towns, nabbed this one for 20 bucks (AUD) in the con flea market - felt good about that.

Meadow, this is the one I was hoping to find in the flea market, but sadly not available. I opted for a buy from Amazon afterward.

Tyrants of the Underdark, I’d considered this one before but dismissed it for the ugly board. But the price (50 bucks including shipping) was too good to pass up. And if I hate it I can probably flip it for a good price. I do like Forgotten Realms (this has been reimpressed upon me from playing BG3 recently) and Drow backstabbing with D&D creatures sounds fun!


I think the game is simple enough to double handle a couple of characters each (I refuse to call them investigators, one of them is only a child, and another is Rasputin)

I have played it once between three where we controlled 4 characters., and it went rather smoothly.


Agreed; solo is typically “one player, two characters”, while my multi-player games have all been “one character per player”, but I don’t see any reason not to have two players playing four characters.

Maybe just alternate between players for each character activation, to minimise waiting.


I’ve only played 2-handed solo and I think the game is better with 2 total investigators. With more than that, so much can happen between the investigators’ turns.

Also, jealous that you were able to find a bundle that contained S1+S2. I have S1 and have been looking for discounted ways to pick up more content, but the secondary market around here is just crazy; anyone selling Season 2 seems to think it’s worth full retail price.


I picked up Falling Sky: The Gallic Revolt Against Caesar – Ariovistus expansion during the GMT Games P500 sale. Potentially the game that I own containing the most documentation now has more (the expansion came with 3 books and half a dozen more fold-out charts and reference sheets). I am currently refreshing my memory on it; the last time I attempted it, I failed miserably; but this time around I have a dedicated gaming space where I can set it up and leave it set up.

I sense some historical military documentary YouTube videos soon (because warfare and politics of 1st century BC Europe and the Roman empire is super interesting)


Project L: Phoenix is here. It’s the last seven puzzles (all six-pointers with no bonus); I think everything that’s been promised for the game has now been delivered.