Last game you bought?

Challengers is in alpha on BGA if anyone wants to try it.

I’ve no idea what I’m doing


Challengers just got on the advance spiel so that might be why it’s getting some chat.

I really like puzzle strike 2 I think it’s a really cool design with a slight hitch that it can get a bit boring in some places as a person stacks cool moves on top of each other.


I have played Challengers at SPIEL.
You have a tournament of decks you construct during the game. You start with a simple deck and each game you get a few cards to choose from to put in the deck. Games are played against opponents according to the „tournament“ cards, so you have to move around the table a bit. I think it plays 8. You get better and better cards. In a game you each play the top card of your deck and resolve it. There are very few choices to be made during „resolution“ I seem to remember. The person who can land a strike on their opponent wins. So the last card drawn is the attack and then the other person can draw cards until they best that number or bust. The actual gameplay is in how you construct the deck to get some combos into it and there are cards that directly give you some VP …

I found it quite fun to play that one time. It felt like you would want the higher player counts for this to shine which is the reason I didn‘t buy it. I would totally play again and have not yet discounted the possibility of adding this to my collection at some point.


The Lost Code, can’t resist a good deduction game, and my group enjoys them

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And me again, came home from watching a football game (on tv), and we won (Queenslander!), so I was relaxed, always a dangerous time to look at board games.

I bought Bonk!, which probably doesn’t count as a board game, being a dexterity game. But it was cheap and sounded like good fun. Also bought a mini game of Cluedo that fits on a key ring, sounded cute.


Bonk is good particularly if you got it cheap. Just need those 4 players.


I bit the bullet and pre-ordered Metal Gear Solid: the Board Game. It looks decent enough.


Bought some stuff from the BGG store a while ago and got them today.

Food Chain Magnate Ketchup milestone boards and accordions for the cards.

Micromacro 3 Promo

And a Race for the Galaxy poster by Kwanchai Moriya. See below. The Grand Tour poster for scale


I love that Race poster. And have the other one


That’s my fave poster from the whole series.

Most of them have GAME NAME in massive letters on them. Which ruins the fun of the poster IMHO.


Precisely. The title and designer text is just how I like it


That’s like my pet peeve about tourist memorabilia. Over the years I’ve seen so many t-shirts and ornaments which I would have bought in a heartbeat because I really liked the design, had they not had “NEW ZEALAND” plastered at the bottom because they were made for tourists. I don’t even like having “NAME OF COUNTRY” on things I buy abroad, let alone things I buy at home.

I’m not sure whether they assume people will forget where they bought things (and I’m not claiming I’d remember), or if it’s mostly that they want them to take them home and have other people see them and think “Oh, that place looks pretty; I should go there”. Maybe a bit of both.


I have the same problem with card backs. Yes, I know what game I’m playing, I don’t need every single card in the game to repeat that information.


Though it can be handy after a cat-induced shelving collapse.


Wait, is Samurai card game any good?

There was a copy at a used book store. Having Samurai and feeling thaat, generally, “the card game” being inferior I didn’t snap it up.

Now I’m wondering if it is still there…

I couldn’t resist picking up a very cheap copy of Warp’s Edge at the Wellycon sale tables today. It looked to be in very good condition (and seems like a slightly fancy production in the first place), and it’s a game I’d already been curious about. The price was low enough that I’ll be happy to get a test run out of it and move it along if it doesn’t tickle my fancy.


Just a head’s up: the story book that you’re supposed to use for the first run is awful. Like, actively makes the game worse to use it.

I get what they were going for, but gosh, it’s real bad. I had so much more fun my second run because I decided to ditch it and play the game properly.

Solid game. Just, if your first experience with the book is as bad as mine is, do give it a second shot by following the “general startup” instructions rather than using the story.


Earth just arrived. Pre ordered this ages ago when we learnt it on BGA. It’s not great async, but I’m hoping getting on the table is going to cool and it’ll be one for doing lots of clever things.


Saw this on the table with the 1PG yesterday. Engine building with my goodness that’s a lot of moving parts.


Pro Tip: what the publisher doesn’t want you to know is that you can find Earth outside, right in the ground! It’s everywhere and the police can’t stop you if you get it right from your own garden