Last game you bought?

Got the Ur Cube Rails games Chicago Express. Is it worth tracking down the expansion?

Also German Rails


Only if you’re gonna see it being play w 5 or 6 often. Base is fine on its own, but the Eire & Narrow Gauge is cool. Nickel Plate is good but not required.

Alternatively, you can pnp them, especially Nickel Plate


My summer and autumn have been very short of gaming time because, well because of life, so to cheer myself up I ordered some more titles for the table.

Ticket to Ride Europe is a game I’ve thought about for a while for my casual gaming friends to enjoy and sure they will enjoy it, as something simple to grasp and not too tricky or long to play. My couple of solo two-hander playthroughs have been more fun than I had expected for me too.

The Castles of Burgundy (2019 edition, with the expansions) was something else I had been considering for a while more for me to play solo, but it might be a good step up for the casual group as well, if and when they want to try something more challenging. I’ve tried a couple of solo two-handers and enjoyed it greatly so looking forward to trying the anniversary solo variant and see what it is like with other players too.

Caverna: Cave vs Cave is delayed in the post but looking forward to trying this. It will be my third Uwe Rosenberg title after Nusfjord and Le Harve but I didn’t want to go for full hog Caverna or anything more epic as I know I will mostly only play it solo for the forseeable future.

RPG Alert: I also bought the D&D 5E Essentials Kit which looks like a delightful starter set for the game for newer players, and if/when I find the right group, I would certainly love to run that mini campaign for new players.


Crossing Oceans - the new Mac Gerdts game, also Transatlantic 2.0

Undaunted Reinforcements - buying this to buy the player count to 4 players.

Triomphe a Marengo - the reimplementation of Bonaparte at Marengo. Normally I wouldn’t get this as I have Napoleon’s Triumph, but I’m wary about stocks. Might end up keeping one or the other.


My D&D group that meets twice monthly has been running through this module for the last… gosh… 6 months or so?

I say that we’re running through it, but in reality it’s much more like sauntering. We have a low-combat focused group (although they do occasionally jump at some good ol’ fashioned monster-slaying).

It’s really well designed, lots of interesting hooks, lots of places to expand outwards (they spent 4 sessions in Gnomengarde, the first adventure hook. Four! One of them was convinced that there was a time-travel thing going on, another was sure that the king was cursed, and nobody believed there was a shape-shifter/mimic involved until it jumped two more gnomes while they were there, and one player still insisted it must be a time-travel thing).

As much as I am super happy Wizards released a new Starter box, I really hope they have a new Essentials Kit coming down the pipes. It’s been really great!


So once again I have to come here and confess :slight_smile:

I bought my Christmas present to myself today because for some odd reason I began panicking it might end up not being available over Christmas… so I am now awaiting a tiny small package that will get stashed away after we open it to check if Star Wars: Outer Rim (DE) and the expansion are inside.


The German definition of “tiny small” must be very different than the English definition. :stuck_out_tongue:


The “DE” stands for “diminutive edition”.


Guild Master, sounded ok


Ha I pre ordered Heat and Orichalcum thinking they were out a couple of weeks ago but instead for some reason they get dispatched today on Royal Mail strike day. Haha.

Kind of a tricky one if it arrives on time it’s probably through some union antagonistic work (it’s a Royal Mail package). I’ll be happier with a further delay I think.


Sanctum, on sale. So many sales today for Black Friday, but not a lot of anything good


Dobble - second copy, it was £6.49 with Ride the Rails: France and Germany. Cube Rails innit


Ice Duo - small box game, part of ‘Looney Pyramid Games’ series. Yes, the ones where their components are only plastic pyramids. Homeworlds is awesome and I wanna try this and their other small box games. Will be on a look out for Nomids and Martian Chess

I love Wildcatters so I bought Coffee Traders as it is going for £48

Bifurcation expansion for Sidereal Confluence

Longboard - Knizia

Rapa Nui - reimplementation of Giants, which I haven’t played


Wut? Is that the same game I am thinking off? Wannabe-Lacerda-complex Euro?
This is a 100+ € game oO


Yep. I am not paying £80 or mroe for this game


The Black Friday sales were, as per usual, not great here in Canada. 401games had a 10% off everything sale, so I used that to pick up a few expansions for games I own:
Tapestry - Arts & Architecture
Teotihuacan - Expansion Period & Shadow of Xitle
Not Alone - Sanctuary
Riftforce - Beyond
Concordia - Venus
Isle of Cats - Kittens & Beasts, and Boat Pack
878 Vikings - Viking Age
Rune Stones - Enchanted Forest
Keyflower - The Merchants

Also picked up some Roxley iron clays, a folded space insert for Teotihuacan, a copy of Shamans for me, and a copy of Turing Test as a Xmas gift for my wife, who looooves deduction puzzles


I succumbed to the siren song of Exit games for £5.99 and picked up The Enchanted Forest, The Gate Between Worlds, and The Pharaoh’s Tomb (as well as The Mysterious Museum as a gift for a friend, as we’ve already done that one).

Threw in the two Ashes Reborn decks I don’t have yet (The Ocean’s Guard and The Scholar of Ruin) and Marvel Remix (because Fantasy Realms sounded good, but the art sounded bad).


My FLGS had a sale for Black Friday, which included a Ding & Dent sale, so I picked up Great Western Trail 2nd edition and Arkham Horror TCG: Edge of the Earth campaign expansion for $60 total.

And though it wasn’t on sale, I bought the Marvel Champions: Mutant Genesis expansion. Mostly because just the one copy I purchased had a promo set of card dividers taped to the box, so bonus!

My purchases also got me enough points for $30 off my next purchase, so that’s nice too.

As a bonus, my Secret Santa purchased through my FLGS, so I was also able to pick up my gift of Bohnanza and the Cyclops Hero Pack for Marvel Champions.

Lots of good acquisitions today.


HEAT, doesn’t seem to be available anywhere local until next year, but found a copy from Amazon UK


So it’s a really hot game then?