Last game you bought?

Received Endangered and the New Species expansion as an early birthday gift from my wife, which was very nice indeed. It’s the kind of game I was really interested in, but didn’t quite want to spring for myself, so it was the perfect thing to get as a present. Plus, the theme means she will actually play it with me, which is an even better gift than the game itself!


Claustrophobia 1643 popped up on the GeekMarket for less than the Kickstarter pledge price. Not sure when I’ll find time for a 2-player-only dungeon crawler.

It really is a beautiful production. I’ve never seen folding 2-layer boards, much less this well-executed.


I preordered Loot Box 1 from Board and Dice. Mainly for the Teotihuacan booklet. Will keep the Tawantinsuyu content as long as the game isn’t a turkey. Then I have content for some other games. Anyone who wants anything from it you can message me, probably just for postage cost.


I caved and bought Wonderlands War


(re)Bought The Estates and Blue Lagoon.


What made you decide to rebuy them?


Blue Lagoon is a reasonably priced, short, punchy Knizia in the vein of Babylonia and Through the Desert. It’s a vastly smaller box than both of them as well.

The Estates, I got rid beacuse it needs a certain group for it. But I’m on a sod it, it’s my collection of games bent. So I like having it in my collection for those groups.


Years later, the tower finally arrives!
First game done. Colour me quite impressed so far. Some pandemic vibes in places with a bit more theater and clever use of the app.


Jealous! Looks cool.

New acquisitions!


Nice haul!


Looks like I forgot to log it, but I fell hard and fast for Cthulhu Death May Die, and I went ahead and grabbed all the remaining retail content for it. So, the second season, Yog Sothoth and The Black Goat of the Woods. It’s a lot on the shelf but setup is a snap and scenarios call for very little to be in use at any one time, so I’m ok with it.


I got Arkwright for below BNIS retail price. Copies now go for slightly stupid price nowadays on 2nd hand market due to it being OOP


Where did you get the black goat expansion? I would have added that one, but couldn’t find it.

setup is a snap

Huh. I find it wee a bit fiddly – but then you have Shadows of Brimstone in your set of comparisons : )


ROFL yeah, I guess I should have been more specific in that I enjoy how easy it is to grab the components needed, and then get the rest of it the heck out of the way. Still it’s a pretty considerate game as big dungeon crawlers go.

As for the expansion stuff, as is typical for me: I find things in-store. My preferred shop (and where I purchased) had everything but Black Goat until very recently so it might be worth looking around a bit? I’ve got a line on the comic book with the extra heroes too. Might just go ahead and grab that soon if I still can, I’ve heard they’re pretty cool.


Good choice! Even without the kickstarter exclusives, there’s a lot of game to enjoy


Although I have the contents of the 1985 season version of this - possibly my favourite game ever - the box has long since perished. I found a version with the 1983 season cards in for a good price on ebay so can now add it properly to my shelves. #happygamer


Sold my metal Power Grid coins in a de-deluxification of the game (I have 10,000 in Poker Chips and the Sinister Fish coins box).

Used that to buy a PnP Luzon Rails and maybe the second alternate Power Grid plants


After just saying I was done over in the “What are you not buying” thread, I saw my FLGS has a used copy of Pandemic: Fall of Rome on sale for $25. Out of curiosity, I searched for it new and found it available for $29, and after my wife used her account, $27.50. So that is headed my way.

FLGS also has Pandemic: Iberia for $25 as well, but I have heard FoR is one of the best versions, so I will be content with it.


I’m going to buy the Rome version just cos of the theme. Im a big Ancient Rome nerd