I have games (JoTL, Set a Watch and Doom 2004) I'd love to give away to another SU&SD fan in the Montreal area

Hi, I’m kinda new here. I’ve been following SU&SD for about a year and got way into board games this year. Like many, space is starting to be an issue.

I have Gloomhaven Jaws of the Lion (no stickers used), Set a Watch + Swords of the Coin and Doom 2004 I’d like to give away if there is any taker.

While I could probably sell my games, I like the idea of just giving them forward. They’re not bad games I’m trying to get rid of, just that I have other stuff in my collection I’d rather play. I could sell them on a local board games group, but people here I’m afraid they’d go to someone that’d just sell them again for profit. People in those groups are often weird… I’d really rather give them away to someone who might not have the money for them.

So I figured I’d try to give them away to another SU&SD fan. I live in Montreal, so it might be a stretch. You don’t have to take all three if you don’t want them either.

I hope that’s an okay thread to make?


Hey @byolivierb !

Welcome and welcome!

No issue at all with the thread.

Have a look around, there’s loads of stuff to look at.


Hey @byolivierb welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

I think a lot of us have had these moments when we see good games on our shelves just not getting their due. It is a very nice idea of you to give them away to someone.

So which games are getting played from your shelves?


Thank @yashima !

I only have one regular group and they’re more into party games, so stuff like Decrypto, Monikers, Mysterium get most of the plays on my end. I managed to get them into Detective: City of Angels, but it’s the only heavier game that they’re really interested in.

I personally am super interested in heavier games, and I’ve got a few, but I’m mostly playing them solo so far. I don’t have much free time these days, but when things calm down I will look into finding a group for heavier stuff or even play TTRPGs. It’s been forever since I’ve DM’ed a game and I miss it a lot.


You’ll find quite a few people interested in both solo gaming (including me) and all kinds of weighted games here. There are sure to be some heavy-weights on the discussion menu every now and then.

Sometimes there are even PBFs going on that you can either join in or watch if that is your thing :slight_smile:

Have a look at the Recent Games thread if you want to get a taste of what is getting played on the “local” tables.


Conveniently demonstrated by this ongoing game of Roads & Boats :grin:


While my schedule is crazy right now, I will certainly look into joining some PBFs games in the new year. Sounds like a perfect way to experience thinky games.