How are you today?

New antidepressants to take in addition to the ones I’m already taking.

TIL “Side effects may include dry mouth” apparently means “Side effects will include your mouth tasting awful all night.”


Dry mouth is a surprisingly horrible side effect. I get it from some hayfever medicine, and that feeling of always needing to drink, and it not helping at all, I hate it.


Oh, it was only done for about 20 minutes. We did celebrate the moment, but then the kids changed into pajamas, and that was that.


I’ve had it for a while. Sugar-free mints help a lot.

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@Whistle_Pig I wish it was like that. Sadly we have had a couple past scary school stuff where they did victim blame. Kids were younger and still not at fault in those situations.

@Marx - there are a couple of dry mouth mouthwashes out there. I got it for @COMaestro from allergy dry mouth. Might be worth a try.

Kiddo has after visit with his general ped today. He’s fine but after ER, you’re supposed to visit your doctor. He’s happy for the extra day off from school. And the extra salami.

One plus of our therapy closing is we can socialize with the former therapists. We are hiring her to come and help with the kids during Shux.

She is legit awesome and, always had a kind word or a minute to listen. Super supportive of our family.
We met over the weekend. We went through all of our crazy house stuff and rules and things we do. She would NOT let me pay her for that time. (We will be paying her for childcare).

I hope this is a start of an ongoing friend of the family relationship.


Feeling under the weather lately.

Just took a COVID test, it doesn’t appear to be that. I guess that’s a win at least.


Tired. I have been sleeping badly. I wake up every night and then cannot go back to sleep.
I think it is due to the anxiety caused by the renovations. It’ll pass as we make progress.

Right now though… over the last week the baths have been torn out and the wall behind which the main water runs has been taken out and the tiles upstairs have been taken out as well. It looks… horrifying. I looked at that wall and thought “Oh no we broke it all” and no amount of knowing that from here on out we will only build things and no longer destroy things can remove that feeling. That wall is giving me waking nightmares.

We still have no idea how long all of this is going to take.


On my way to the office in Manchester, which is depressing and makes me anxious. They’re doubling the number of days we’re need to go in each week too, for no logical reason. And Tina just messaged that she’s tested positive for Covid, so all in all not the best day so far.


In something of an interstitial week. Last week was a family vacation, back at the Delaware beach. Half a week of sun, half a week of Ian’s fringes and storm surge (and me thinking "storm surge… I want to play lowlands…). My parents wished us a “restful and relaxing” time, which I thought was funny with a two year old and special needs four year old. My target was “wholesome and memorable,” and it was. I’m tired and I lost two pounds with all the “relaxing.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Next week we travel up to New Jersey for orthopedic surgery. The good news is that the facility is only 45 minutes from my in-laws, so we’ll have a real homey homebase for the week. The other good news is that there are only three people in the US who do this procedure, and in 10 years all of them will be retired. We think this is exactly what our daughter needs, so we’re fortunate it is still available to us. The bad news is, our four year old is having orthopedic surgery.

The recovery is supposed to be much quicker than other procedures. A few days of discomfort (we’re praying it holds there and doesn’t cross into “pain”) and a few weeks with walking casts, then back to the same hill of work / therapy. But with a new range of mobility that could really shift her trajectory.

Anyway, it’s going to be a big week and a big month. Not sure what to expect. We’ll get through.


All the best wishes to your little one! We’re all rooting for her!


We are having a fence built at our new house, mostly for the sake of our dog. This will make everyone much happier.

While digging the holes for the fence posts today, the fence people cut a gas line. You could hear the gas rushing out from several feet away and since it took the gas company and fire department like 45 minutes to get here and another half hour or so to get the leak stopped you could smell the gas from several houses away by the time they managed to get it clamped off. Then it was an investigation (initial verdict: the utility markings were approximately 11inches off from the actual gas line) and now they are working on repairs.

I would like my house - inside and out - to
stop smelling like gas now. But at least there’s been no explosion.


Well, at least it doesn’t smell like a smoldering hole in the ground, so that’s good news!


Gas smell has disappeared. Gas company repaired the line, went away, then one guy came back hours later to turn our gas back on and make sure everything gas-operated was working correctly.

It is now getting dark out and fence people are still working away. I think they are determined to finish today even with the delays.


After a real bad few days in which my graduate capstone project was rejected, reevaluated, rejected again, appealed, and finally accepted with minor revisions, I got to spend a nice 45 minutes with my daughter playing the new Clone Wars Pandemic, which seems to have made everything better.

I also get to show movies in all of my classes for the next three days, so I should have time to get caught up on grading. Things are going suspiciously okay today…


Hope they didn’t break anything else in the dark!


Hopefully not! Haven’t inspected it yet. Since we didn’t have a chance to inspect it, we decided to still bring our Gwen puppy back to the old house with its fenced yard while we were at work today. I drove her to the old house, dropped her off, hopped back in my car to head to work, and the car wouldn’t start. Started perfectly fine to drive over. Hoping it’s the battery as there is some corrosion on it, but really not sure. No work for me today now as I deal with this.


So, I am now on my 4th antidepressant regime. On Friday I increase the dose of the “makes my mouth taste awful” drug (I am getting mouthwash for it, thank you for the suggestion!), but it is still not doing anything.

I am tempted to just tell the psychiatrist that I want to stop taking any drugs for a while. They aren’t doing anything except costing money and messing with me through side effects (light headedness is amazing, let me tell you, plus randomly waking up over night, etc…).

But I want these to work. Anything that helps even a little would be nice! But they’re not.



Unsolicited advice: I would ask your partner before a doctor or yourself. Usually those closest to us are best able to see what is helping/healing or not. Follow her judgment.

But yeah, maybe. What you are experiencing is a set of symptoms. Drugs treat causes. It’s entirely possible that whatever the drugs are treating isn’t your cause. The trial and error on these things sucks.


Obviously you’ve been on ADs before, but I know it took 3-4 weeks for my wife’s citalopram to do anything that she noticed.

Good luck with finding something that works for you


I’ve just started some medication that does this and it sucks - have some tired solidarity from me. I hope you can work out a useful combination soon.