How are you today?

What a great dog name!


No word of a lie, you’re the FIRST person to not say it’s a weird name! :rofl:

And because I love this picture:


A very wufflesome wee dog. To whom all due wuffles.


After 2 and a half years, my wife finally has Covid. She’s ok at the moment; tired, bit of a cough and fluey. Hopefully it’ll be mild, and if me and the kids are going to get it, it happens soon so we’re in sync.


Father’s day today, and the girls got me a new necessity bag. The old one (it is from the 90s) was due for retirement and I am grateful…


Hope she gets over it soon, and that the rest of you avoid it.

OT: it was @superjaz’s birthday today! We met with friends for karaoke, which is always fun, and went out to dinner at a place that specializes in seafood boils. Also picked up a Royale dessert

Great day overall.


Happy birthday @superjaz! That’s a very fancy looking dessert :+1:


A super happy birthday to @superjaz!

I agree, that desert looks amazing.


Thank you all for the birthday wishes, I appreciate them.
It’s been a hard spring summer.
So it was really need and fun getting out.

And the Royal is awesome.
Seafood boils was tasty.

Kids go back to school tomorrow. Outside of my birthday it’s been all kids all the time.

But I’m scared as they are going to a new school. It would have been one thing if we had therapy supported, but since the company announced leaving state mid summer we are doing the best we can. We were with them 7 years.

Former therapists watched out kids while we went out, which was awesome. The kids love them. Though I’ve had a lot of anxiety over some mistakes and miscommunication. (Instructions, leaving time etc)
Which my anxiety transfers into " THEY’LL NEVER WANT TO WATCH OUR KIDS AGAIN!"

Which I know is extreme. But after the last couple of months of worst case scenarios keep hitting, it gives anxiety fuel to sound loud.

Plus side looks like we have found a therapy provider that sounds like a good fit. They are expanding in the area. Which we are lucky if it works out because waiting lists of 6 to 24 months is scary.


I have Covid now. Rubbish last night but feel a bit better now I’m up


I hope you all get better soon - take it easy!


Wow, ongoing shouting matches in our one-room office between boss and a partner who quit. So stressful. We understood him to be here until Friday, the boss apparently thought yesterday. Now shouting at him to leave immediately or he’ll call the police.

I mean, I knew they never got along, and there have been stressful shouting matches before, but this is insane.


So, just now, about 5 minutes ago I learned that I am not only ineligible to graduate this year, I have another 7 courses that I have to take before I can graduate. Assuming my usual rate of taking classes, that’s another full year, minimum (assuming I can take 3 classes over the summer, which… who knows!?).

That’s another $4,200 in enrolment expenses. And books. And not graduating until 2024.

I’m so frakking tired


So I thought I’d update on my situation after my last post [(How are you today? - #1864 by DangerousDave) ] As usual my timing is impeccable, not. :pensive:. After losing my job past October I tried, and failed, to get onto the “benefits gravy train”, honestly the bar is so high I, as someone who had recently had a full nervous breakdown, didn’t qualify. Anyone gaming the system must be lying their pants off!

So after that I managed to get a part time job driving a collection/delivery van for a local charity St. Catherine’s Hospice. It’s only 2 days a week, and the money isn’t enough (though very helpful) so we’re kinda living off my wife’s savings after selling her 2 houses (long story, not a deliberate choice, just a culmination of bad things) until I can sell my flat (and move into the bungalow she’s just bought) and pay her back.

Did I mention we’ve bought a bungalow? With cash? That needs extending?:flushed:

So, I’m continuing to go to Age UK, for their employability and well-being course hopefully to extend my ability to work and get a better job (though probably still in the charity sector).

And that’s me. Last year had some real lows, but it seems to be slowly working itself out . . . .


What does the Age UK course entail, if you don’t mind my asking?

I hope you have some good fortune with the job search soon!


Some personality type and parametric tests, then basically rebuilding my CV to move away from my IT background. All the meetings are one to one. But it depends on the strengths of the person running the course. I had someone who used to be in HR, hence the CV work.


It is now week 5 of my teaching semester and I still don’t have my adjunct contract. I frequently don’t get it until week 2, but week 5 is a bit extreme. I asked my department chair and administrator about it yesterday and they basically said “HR has been slow about processing everything lately. You should call them and ride them about it.”

I called HR today. They said they are missing a form from my supervisor telling them how many credit hours I am teaching and therefore how much to pay me so they can’t process a contract for me.

sigh I just want to get paid for the job I’ve been doing for over a month already. Is that too much to ask? I’m not on campus today so I’ve now emailed my department chair and admin, telling them what HR said and very nicely asking if they can perhaps look into this lost paperwork.


I am in a very similar boat, and it’s incredibly frustrating. I wish you luck.
I teach a full load of courses, but also have an admin position coordinating all the English teachers in the district. I got my pay report for the paycheck coming next week, and the second half of my salary is missing. Turns out that an HR person left the school district over the summer, and the IT team cleared out all of their digital documents, among which was the spreadsheet detailing who the district content leads are and how much we each get paid. The current HR folks’ solution was to wait until we noticed, and then ask “does ‘$X’ sound about right?” I’m hoping it gets figured out by next month’s paycheck.


Both of the twins have croup. One of them had us scared for a while, both sleeping now. Anyone else been through this? Kind of assuming it’s coronavirus, might be able to find out tomorrow, might not.


“Ooh, no, you’ve slipped a decimal point there.”