Horses To The Moon! Long Shot - The Dice Game


Oooh is that a new logo in the thumbnail or has it been around a while?



With a cameo from the Search for Planet X app successful peer review noise!


Has anyone played both this and Camel Up?

I feel as if the latter would provide everything I’d enjoy from this game in a much simpler form. This one sounds like so many layers of guesswork that that whole experience of Gambling On A Thing would become lost/muddied amongst all the other Things you’re also guessing about.


This video made me want to play Camel Up again. I think the physical presentation is a slight barrier for me: big chunky hippomeeples* crowded together on a relatively small board, and wipeable player boards rather than currency or other tokens, just feel a bit uncomfortable.

I think Downforce would also fit into the “like this, only a bit more straightforward” box - though this looks as if there’s much more you can do to affect the race after the start, which would be an improvement.

* since meeple is clearly Anglo-Saxon in derivation, probably via OE mepelan “a divining-object”**, I feel at liberty to combine it with either Latin or Greek roots, and “equimeeple” just sounded silly.

** this is a lie.


My biggest takeaway while watching this video was “I don’t want to be the person to make sure everyone knows how/what/when to do what they are supposed to”. Followed by the packed race track and the dry-erase making me feel like the table could not recover from somebody bumping the table or doing a retcon/backtrack.

So it looks like a fun, family-weight game… but in my experience, that will typically result in someone not fully understanding and inadvertently cheating.


I’ve got this on pre order. I’m guessing an end of game night/ first night of a con experience.

Board Game Barrage and SVWAG were pretty complimentary about this as well