General Asynch Recruiting Thread

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Need one more for Yokohama.

I know @lalunaverde says that every game is a train game, but I think this really is. A little bit of route building and order fulfilment combined with elbowsy worker placement. It’s a good implementation on BGA and the end game comes at you really quickly.

Also one more for Its a Wonderful World
Not played this all the way through yet, but it’s a 7 Wonders style drafting game with a simple looking recipe fulfilment to build cards with crunchy decisions on what to build and what to trash. Art is rendered pretty nicely on BGA as well.

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It has a production mechanism that feels crunchy but doesn’t bog down like you might think. Its core-competency is making you feel clever

These are both games I really want to play. Can we wait until Tuesday? I just can’t right now.


Hit me up when you’re free and I’ll start more tables

Another game on BGA, Ark Nova is in alpha. Anyone fancy it?

I can send invites from tomorrow

You mean Terraforming Marwell?

(I’m sure someone here has made that joke before, but I couldn’t resist)