Geekbuddy Tutorials

How to add a user as your Geekbuddy?

Good question. I saw this random user on He looks a bit goofy, but he seems alright. He is a fan of SUSD and drink Coca Cola. You can’t go wrong with this guy, I think.


And so, you click on the drop down menu and you simply add them as your Geekbuddy. Et Viola!


Who should I add as a Geekbuddy?

That is another good question, and I don’t have an answer to that. Maybe you have overlapping tastes? Or maybe they are consistently opposite to you that maybe it’s a good idea to add them! An anti-Geekbuddy! That’s up to you.

How to find new Geekbuddies?

Now this one isn’t so straight forward. You might bump into some of them at random points. Maybe they made a Geeklist. Or you saw their review on YouTube and you liked it; now you checked up their BGG profile and you like their ratings and comments.

But let’s say you actively want to build your own set of Geekbuddies. Right here, right now. Nice! That’s very pro-active of you!

Now, first you pick a game, say, your fave and you want to see the people who loves it too. So I’m gonna check Tigers and Pots! So I went to the ratings section of Tigers & Pots and set the Ratings to 10 and Comments to Has Comments


Hooookay. There are nearly 600 hundred of them.


Now, it’s up to you if you want to trawl through, but to make it easier, a lesser known game would have a smaller number of entries. So I checked up Container, which has 79 entries when sorted with 10 Ratings and Has Comments.

Ahhh I like these comments so I’ll check these two users for their ratings and comments, and decide if want to add them or not. Again, the criteria on which users you want to check out and which ones to add is up to you.

Then, you may want to expand the filter to the 9’s or maybe go to another board game and check the comments there. Again, up to you.

How to manage your Geekbuddies?

You can go to the GeekBuddy Manager by going to your profile


Then, click the GeekStuff tab


And then, you can see the Geekbuddy section on the centre-right part of the screen.


One of the things you can do is to sort out Geekbuddies into groups that you have created. A Geekbuddy can be present on one or more (or none) of these groups, if you wish.

You can start by clicking Manage Groups


In this example, I have groups “Similar Taste” and “Friends”. But I want to create groups such as “Euro peeps” to only see what my Euro gamer buddies think. You simply type in the name of the new group and click Create.

You can then edit the groups to populate it with your Geekbuddies. (I erased the boxes to hide the names. That’s why there are big white spaces in there.). You can also populate the groups by clicking Edit at the Geekbuddy Manager menu above and assign the group(s) to your buddies.

How to see what your Geekbuddies think about a specific game?

Now you might have a curated set of Geekbuddies or a huge number of them. That’s completely up to you. But it’s just too cumbersome to check out their profiles one by one, innit?

As an example, I’m gonna check what my Geekbuddies think of Tigers and Pots. In that page, you click GeekBuddy Analysis. This will show comments and ratings only from your buddies.

Oh look! It’s our new buddy, Quintin Smith, from Part 1 above.

In addition, you can also filter the Analysis to a group that you can set in Part 4 above. Using the example above, I selected “Trainzzz” to see what that group thinks of Tigers and Pots.

Feel free to ask any questions. I’m sure people here and myself will answer them. BGG UI isn’t so straight-forward.


I might add (just by a fortunate happenstance) that you can go on your profile, and if you click on your flag, you can search buddies that live in your same town?!! Who knew!

Another way of starting a game group, perhaps?


To add to this: “View Activity” shows you all recent posts by all your GeekBuddies.