Episode 11: A Worker Bashed My Granny

In our eleventh episode, Roger and Lee talk about games we’ve been playing, take a second look at a couple we talked about last month, then chat with confusedvicky about top-ten lists and awards.

Among the games we’ve played, we mentioned

and in “What We Thought About”, we mentioned

During the top-ten and awards segment, we talked about

Main theme: Coffee Stains , Riot; What We Thought Of: Come On In , Silent Partner; interview: Deadly Roulette , Kevin MacLeod

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(Before I listen, any spoilers for our game in progress?)

No, I’m not mentioning specifics about current games.

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Totally with you on Cascadia’s Water / Mountain art being too similar. And “Like Carcassonne only fun” :slight_smile:

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I am possibly biased because the first time I played Carc it was with lots of expansions and it took ages.

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I own a copy of the Milton Bradley/Hasbro game from 2000: it is surprisingly not at all bad. It has two sides: one of a choice of Big Bads, with different ways to defeat them. And four of the Scoobies: Buffy, Willow, Xander and Oz. It doesn’t sound much like what you’re talking about though.

Hmm, haven’t played it in an age.

Carcassone Hunters and Gatherers was my reintroduction to the hobby and I still enjoy it. No idea how many games I’ve played of it but we’re definitely talking at least triple figures. The few times I’ve played the original have been less enjoyable, though.

Thanks for the comment, Michael. As I said in the episode, I am aware that the earlier game has a surprisingly good reputation all these years later but I’ve never played it.

If you do pull it down off the shelf for more than a dusting then it would be great to hear what you think now.

I always have the problem during the Pearple’s Choice awards where I have played virtually none of the games, and as such feel like I cannot vote. But I do always like seeing the results, as it can lead me to look at games I had not considered before.

Not that I get the time to play such games. More Games than Time, after all. :smiley:


Keep the faith!

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