Gardening! (continued)

In an effort to recreate as many of the threads I enjoyed on SU&SD for which I feel qualified (someone else will have to do the miniatures painting thread :stuck_out_tongue:), I’d like to start off a gardening thread.

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My garden is very shabby–I don’t put the time into that I really should. But I quite enjoy it, especially on an overcast day like today.


One of my overgrown flower beds and a closeup.

The southern-most vegetable bed and the rhubarb that’s doing quite well in it. There are two more beds, but the middle one needs weeding, and the northern-most became completely overgrown with grass.

The cherry, peach, and plum were all in bloom this week. The peach and plum are struggling with some nasty fungal infection which I haven’t figured out yet. Also, I missed the pruning window this winter (all four months of it :roll_eyes:).

The main herb bed is just doing its thing.

We set up our large tent on the lawn for when the adults need sanctuary from the noise…

And my spouse has gotten a new job (yay!), so we’re moving to a different state and leaving this all behind this summer.


We have spent lockdown destroying our garden so it can be built up again. It’s mostly used for the kids to have lightsaber duels and for playing basketball. I prefer to cook in our garden rather than grow plants, but suddenly we have a lot of time!!


Yay! Gardening thread!

So did I - the fruit trees at the back of my garden are a disaster :grin:


Apparently this is an important SU&SD thread to follow. I am assimilating. :wink:


Board games are my indoor hobby, gardening is my outdoor hobby :grin:


Hi, Ron! Those of us in the Venn diagram overlap between tabletop gamers and gardeners like to share pictures, like this:


My seedling table is getting busy these days. The tomatoes have moved into their big containers, and everything else is coming along nicely. The onions have moved outdoors to join the sprouting peas and fava beans, and if the rain will let up for a day or two, maybe I can pull some of the spring weeds out there…


Wonderful to see the cool kids are back in the garden! :smile:


OOoh I’m so jealous! It all looks very nice.

Our garden over here, is… well let’s just say I don’t want to share a picture. We planted zucchini waaaaay to early because my toddlers played with the seeds and I was afraid to lose them. Now they are withering in the ground, and I don’t know how to save them!

However, my fruit trees are looking promising, and we just tried to seed lettuce.


Just today I took a few pics from my spring garden. It’s been really dry here and today it rained. After the rain:

I was quite careless uploading pics on the SUSD forums, I hope there’s enough space and all here, though this one is hopefully small enough.

I forget the name of the yellow in the upper right corner but lower left is called “Bernstein Rose” - Bernstein = Amber. And the big one about to bloom in the lower right will have lovely yellow/red/pink flowers and it is called “Gebrüder Grimm Märchenrose” after the famouse German fairy tales by the brother’s Grimm.


Current lot of seedlings hardening off in the conservatory:

Supports ready for beans and climbing squash:


I’m so very happy this is alive over here. I’ll have to get some pics of my flower pots.


Delivery from my favourite seed shop :grin:. They do unusual and heritage varieties:


Bleu de Solaise! I love those leeks. Not the biggest out there, but they ride out all but the toughest winters here in central Pennsylvania without trouble. They even get a lovely purple tinge to their leaves when the coldest nights strike.

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If they can handle Pennsylvania winters, they should be able to survive Yorkshire!

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First cut of the ol’ sparrow-grass!


Just enough to toss on a pizza tonight, then remind me of that fact when I wake up tomorrow.


I’m envious! Definitely don’t have enough space/patience for asparagus.

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Not the most interesting photos, but it took a lot of effort to get rid of all these weeds!


Now, I’ve been told the trick here is to plant something else before the weeds grow back. It’s not something I’ve ever personally managed, but I’ve been assured it’s good advice.

More seriously, looks like a mammoth effort.


Should be a doddle! I just need to find something that will outcompete rosebay willowherb, creeping buttercup, bittercress, nettles, brambles, bindweed, and dandelions… :thinking:


And won’t then take over the rest of the garden. Or strangle you in your sleep.