Gaming Goals for 2022

Continuation of the previous one here: Gaming Goals for 2021

  • I will lower the bar and say the limit is 7 KS this next year.

I backed 11…

  • Find the will to remove the games that I’ve rated with 8 or lower, when they have obvious alternatives. If I’m not playing my faves, what am I doing lol?

I did. There are remnants still in my possession, but they are small box games. I will deal with them last.

  • Keep all the games within the 4x4 Kallax limit. Sticking again on the target of culling 75 games - it went really well last time.

I stopped tracking. What really matters is net decrease.

  • To expand on the above: cull down to 20 heavy games and 20 mid weight games, as I don’t play them enough. The rest of the Kallax will go to light and filler games. Again, what am I doing if I’m not playing my fave mid and heavy games?

Failed. I have 77 mid/hvy games in total. Most of them are unplayed.

  • Play more 18xx and cull down to 5. I own 3 and I have 6 incoming.

Failed. The number is the same though. I own 7 and 2 incoming. Judging which to cull is a lot more difficult than I thought. I have 3 under consideration for culling.


Goals for 2022 - Keep it simple. Just owned games.

  • 20 Mid/Heavy Games - currently 77. Last time I want to reduce to 20 Medium and 20 Heavy. I’m going even lower
  • 20 Light Games - currently 64
  • Play all Unlock! Scenarios - currently 23 - social distancing killed this dream but let’s try it this year.


Any one have their own New Years Resolution?


Well, according to last year:

No whittling has been done, just more gain. I purchased much more than I had intended (24 new games and a number of expansion content, including Search for Planet X which “I could live without”), and also won 8 games that were not really on my radar at all. That does not count gifts for birthday/Christmas/whatever, either.

We DID get more of our Betrayal Legacy campaign played, but still not finished, though no progress on Pandemic Legacy S1. Thankfully, there was some progress on games played 0-1 times, but not as much as I would have liked (still have 56 unplayed games, not counting Christmas acquisitions, but including the 8 won games).

So, for 2022, I seriously want to purchase fewer games, and I need to begin culling my collection, as I do not have the room for all the games I own. However, I really would like to play every game I have at least once before sending it on, so it’s a big reason to continue to reduce that (Kallax) shelf of shame.

Exceptions to this purchasing hiatus is the reprint of Ra coming later this year, and the various Unmatched sets that are scheduled to be released. I also liked the look of Floating Floors which was demoed during AwShux, and could see backing that on KS whenever it finally launches, but beyond that, I don’t see any KS in my future, and I am only waiting on two right now (Everdell Complete and V-Sabotage).

Definitely want to try playing the Exit: Secret Lab and Star Wars: Unlock games, as I hope they will be fun, and once they are played, they can leave my collection! :smiley:


Snap! Me as well


I’ve managed (just about) to not buy a game. My wife has snuck a few in for me and I’ve done well from birthday/ Xmas/ father’s day.

The key when I restart buying is to not go crazy and just buy stuff I want (hopefully stuff I’ve played).

I didn’t get anywhere with an RPG but would still like to.

We finished Imperial Assault as a co op with an awesome ending. Not gone back to it as 1 v all because I couldn’t handle the arguments!

I did beat 300 on Doppelt so Clever (328) on about the 6th of January. Only gone over 300 once since.

I have played games indoors with people. Not many, but a few. I didn’t manage a con. Games Expo didn’t feel right and I’m glad I didn’t go. I did meet up with some internet pals to play irl though which is kind of the same!

My tastes have changed a lot this year. Fewer big euros and more light rules, higher interaction games. I think. El Grande and Hansa Teutonica are probably my top 2 these days with Yellow and Yangtze pretty close behind. I’m interested to see how that changes (if it does) over 2022. Minimum 3 player games are not ideal right now. I like moments and I like laughing when I play. And cries of “you utter sh$t”.

I’ve got some stuff to sell/ trade. I had a big cull last year which was pretty good. I’m wary of getting rid of too much because I bet I’ll swing back to euros at some point.

I’m glad to try TI4 on here because I don’t think that would ever happen irl. I also never want to go near Blood on the Clocktower irl so I’m glad I tried it here to find that out.

I just want to keep playing things I like with people I like. That’ll do


I’m hoping to whittle my collection a bit in 2022. The problem is at the moment, way too many games I’ve not played and can’t tell if they live up to my expectations/anticipations ( schroedingers board game, until I play it, it is neither good or bad).

I’ve only played probably about half of what I have in the cupboard, in my defence a lot of games that don’t hit the sweet spot get moved on quite ruthlessly.

My plan for 2022 is to play most if not all of these.

So here is the current list of unplayed games, don’t judge me:

Edge of darkness
Food chain magnate
Dune imperium
Terraforming Mars
Leaving earth
Too many bones
Cthulhu wars duel
Royal visit
Inhuman conditions
Mercado de Lisboa
Kanban EV
A study in emerald
Mechs vs minions
Welcome to

Imminent kick starters:
John company
Dark tower
Blood on the clocktower (?)


Yeah, so buying less… or staying below 200 games didn‘t happen. I failed although I do seem to have somehow managed to start limiting myself since November. I did finish some „easy“ auto-fill 10x10 challenges—with lots of solos as anticipated.

So for collection goals, my hope for 2022 is that I keep up the less-buying and squeeze the collection back below 200. With the way things have been going since November, I have hopes that I‘ll do better this time.

My secondary collection goal is to reduce my number of unplayed games. I do not think one year will be enough to get everything owned or preordered played (77 games are in that category). But I would be extremely happy if I got 50 of those one the table at least once.

As for goals for playing games: besides the unplayed games I want to play, I have also created a couple challenges that I posted about in the 10x10 thread. One for games that I hope my partner will participate in (plus whoever finds their way to our table) and one for solo gaming.

Mostly, I just hope that I get to play games with my friends in person more than in the last 2 years.


Yeah, not so much a “goal” because it isn’t really in my control… (and as far as it is I’m still going to prioritise wife’s and my health over my own enjoyment).

But I do intend to put a bit more effort into selling the games I don’t want any more.


Well that didn’t really happen.

I got into Keyforge with my wife a little bit, friends lend us The Crew and we played that a lot with another friend when we met for dinner every week.

And now he gave us The Crew 2 as a Christmas present :slight_smile:

Still… when I look through my board games, I find way too many unplayed ones. I hope I can change that at least to some degree. I want to play them at least once before I sell them or give them away…


I did not manage to purge any of the games from my collection that I intended to.

I barely managed to play any of the games that I hadn’t played before and I wanted to.

I did play more in 2021 than I did in 2020, although not by much… but hey, I did manage to start an RPG campaign with my partner! And it’s been fun! So that’s one in the W-column.

I did manage to paint a lot. Not all my Infinity (a fair amount of it)… maybe about half?.. and then I stopped painting Infinity because it was frustrating me… but I managed to stay ahead of almost all my Legion (4 boxes left) and Battletech (3 boxes on the painting table right now). So calling that a win.

As for 2022? Honestly, it’s so hard to know until this stupid pandemic is over. I saw human beings outside of work once in the last 22 months (twice if you include a trip to my parents), but my partner has started playing more games, so that’s a nice upside! We will see, we will see…


Yes. Putting a number and not say “all of them” makes it more achievable. This is why I didn’t include “play all 102 unplayed games lmao”. I’ll second you on that. I’ll play 50 from my shame pile.


I didn’t manage to play all of them, but it has got me into the habit of playing new games rather than letting them languish on the shelf for months - I’m planning a learning game of Rallyman GT today so I can teach it on Saturday

Definitely failed. I might try and take a leaf out of @Captbnut’s book and buy no new games this year :dizzy_face: The fact that Kickstarter’s delivered to the UK have started to include ridiculous shipping costs and separate VAT should make it easier.

Surprisingly, we were making some progress on this before the whole Omicron thing, so hoping to pick that back up again soon…ish


From an aim to buy only 3, I bought 16. So that’s a big old fail factor in percentage terms however it doesn’t seem too big a number overall and 9 of them are light/family games as I realised my collection had gone heavy. I also sold 4 games so net plus 12. I’ll aim to get a bit more selling done this year and I hope to not get too agitated about buying games but :crossed_fingers: it remains lowish. I’m not going to put a number in it. Single digits would be amazing but I won’t stress too much.

I’m stuck a bit on what I want to do about gaming goals. I’d like to play some titles more, go for deep dives but my unplayed count is 16. Which is 15 higher than when the pandemic began. That annoys me but getting deeper in to some games fits my pre pandemic desires more. So maybe I’ll focus in helping @lalunaverde with their 10x10 and nibble away at my unplayed games in between.


I’m going to try for a net reduction in my collection, just from a storage space point of view. Including kickstarter backing but not delivery in acquisitions, because I have no control over when the latter happens.



Well, in 2020, I added 554 items to my BGG collection (expansions / promos included). 2021 only saw 128… That’s a big win!

I also backed way fewer Kickstarter projects this year, and my waiting-to-be-received list is less than half as long as it was this time last year.

Hahaha, again. Oh well, by the time I’m out of the “newborn baby never lets you sleep” phase, my 4yo may be almost to the point of being able to play some interesting games.

As for 2022, I just plan to buy less stuff and enjoy more of what I have. No numbers at the moment


I want to run the Pirates of Drinax Traveller campaign for at least one group and 3 one offs set in the Trojan Reaches.

I want to run at least one Mythras game set in mid 3rd century Syria.

Wargaming has to return to my table in 2022. A Song of Advanced Blades & Heroes (Ganesha Games), is my ruleset of choice. My friend has painted whole bands of Age of Sigmar minis and so we will play that, and I want to try some SF warship combat games, probably Star Eagles… A friend has Ronin from Osprey & someone has Kill Team.

In solo gaming I hope to continue to play the excellent Dragon Warriors solos from Red Ruin publishing, and 4AD from Ganesha as well as cracking open 5150 from two-hour wargaming.

Lots of boardgames need (more) playing, too many to list:
Pandemic, Ticket to Ride, The King is Dead, Five Tribes and so on.


Late to the party here but for 2022 I’m trying to keep my goals a bit more realistic this year after I only finished one of my goals from 2021.
The first one is I’m going to try to play all the games I didn’t play last year that I own. This is less a thing I’m going to strive for and more something to keep track off because if at the end of this year I still haven’t played these then I need to start asking myself whether I should own these.
The second goal is to try to conquer my shelf of shame and to have no unplayed games or expansions at the end of the year. This one I actually really want to do and am going to try hard to achieve. But it also might be much harder as I have slowly built up about 20 games and even more expansions than that. It’s a bit too much I’ve let my completionist tendencies get the best of me and I want to try to have a clean slate for the new year. The big complication is that I have Kickstarters still on the way that might make this difficult but we’ll see.


I want to win a game of Cthulhu: Death May Die by being the last one standing.

Also, maybe buy less games, or at least sell more. Maybe just one new game a month. And I think I can prune my collection down to 200 or so.


That’s my goal, too. 200 seems like a good size. I wonder if I can eventually fit it in a 5 by 5.


Well, I sold Fog of Love, so that’s a tick, and bought way less games on the second half of 2021.

I should consider selling some more games. But I need to have my collection on display before I do that.

I received my first few KS games recently (including some I did not remember booking, oops) and hopefully I will receive a few more (I know Townfolk Tussle is on his way, somewhere on a ship or warehouse at the minute) I think last year was my biggest KS year, but I slowed down on the second half of the year.

I think I have improved a lot my collection, by one of my goals must be get a shelf dedicated to games. They have been too long perched on top of bookshelves or scattered between cupboards. Or like most of them are right now, boxed in the garage.

So, prudently saying I need to manage my collection better, pruning here and there, and with fewer additions, that should do the trick. According to BGG I am on 54 games, and I think my KS/Gamefound will take me to that sweet 70-75 figure, so it will be a matter of managing more the traffic in and out this year.


End of Q1: - I know there’s more than a week to go before the end of March but hey-ho

  • 20 Mid/Heavy Games - currently 77. Last time I want to reduce to 20 Medium and 20 Heavy. I’m going even lower

I’m currently at 66

  • 20 Light Games - currently 64

Currently at 54

  • Play all Unlock! Scenarios - currently 23 - social distancing killed this dream but let’s try it this year.

Only played 1 out 23 lol

I am very happy with the progress so far.