Games you've never heard of (or how much time do you spend looking at BGG rankings)

In the finest tradition of nicking threads from BGG, how far do you have to go down the BGG rankings before you find a game that you’ve never heard of? What is it?

I got as far as #111: Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game

I was a bit surprised I didn’t get any further, given how much time I spend listening to gaming podcasts/browsing BGG/on this forum…

Less surprisingly, I only got to #8 on RPGG’s equivalent list before encountering a system I’d never heard of (Star Wars: Edge of the Empire)


Wow, #89 Barrage for me.

I’m amazed that I didn’t even get out of the top 100, like you I consume a lot of board game related ‘stuff’. Though I presume that I probably did listen to a podcast with it mentioned, but that I was a bit tuned out at the time or something. Anyway, it completely passed me by. Now I’m curious as to whether it’s any good.

I’m still very new to RPGs but as seem as you mentioned it I thought I’d give it a go… I got as far as #3 Masks of Nyarlathotep… So not a great showing from me there :laughing:


Tricky to be truthful on this one because I’ve been on BGG a lot recently due to trading. Aprt from having read them on the site I’ve never seen, played or heard anyone talking about Mechs & Minions (#40). Definitely Trajan (#93) has never crossed my radar, despite owning Dominion (#94).


Took until #142 - Paths of Glory for me. But I could well have heard of it. All wargame names sound the same.

Tangentially, I was surprised at some entries in the top 100. I wouldn’t have expected Marvel Champions in there.


I don’t pay a lot of attention to the Hotness rankings because I’ve noticed, doing the contests, that they always want you to click on the game’s BGG page, which obviously gives it a spike.

For ratings… the first one where I don’t have at least a vague idea what it’s about, either thematically or mechanically… #161 Tichu.

There are two separate lists on RPGG - “RPG items”, which includes adventures and campaigns, and “RPGs”, which is just actual “games” for which you don’t already need a system book. For RPGs, the first one I haven’t played is #4 Blades in the Dark, but the first one I haven’t heard of is #58 Urban Shadows.


I like to think I’m fairly tuned in, but I’m not super interested in heavy games or BGG rankings, which means that coming across a few things in the top 100 draws a blank.
#6 Through the Ages: A Story of New Civilization
#7 Gaia Project
both draw a blank for me. Maybe I’ve heard of them?
Then #35 Blood Rage I feel like I definitely haven’t come across. Followed by a few more in the top 100.
I do a little better when it comes to the Party Games rankings, which I think is probably going to be my best category. First I haven’t heard of is #32 Tumblin-Dice.


Holy cow, that was fast. I recognised one title before

  1. The 7th Continent

I thought I’d get much further, but #48 Maracaibo did for my run.

(The next one was #163 Rajas of the Ganges)


I feel like I’ve mentioned this game a hundred times on the forum, but maybe only the previous forum.


I don’t know anything about #111: Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game nor am I aware that it exists.

I went deeper and discovered this thing! #293 Blood Bowl: Team Manager – The Card Game (2011)

I know Blood Bowl. I played it and I loved it - Ameritrash bliss. But a card game?!


Haha, I must have seen you mention it then… Browsing the BGG listing I don’t think I’ve ever looked at it though.

First off: Baby Gloomhaven is already top 100?!?!?! And why am I actually surprised?
(I haven’t looked at the Top 100 in a while)

Besides knowing that Tom Vasel has an opinion on Grand Austria Hotel at #92, I know nothing about that game. I watched him take apart the BGG Top 100 a while ago, so I kind of heard of some games there I otherwise wouldn’t know.

Next one is: Railways of the World at #126? Never heard of it. But it reimplements Age of Steam so I have kind of maybe heard of that? :wink:

I am not a war gamer so #142 Paths of Glory. Best case I can make for it that it was mentioned in an article on wargames and nazis I read a while ago. Three spots further down is the next one: Combat Commander Europe

Next on is #176 Steam another one claiming to be an Age of Steam variant.

So the pattern is obvious: I know nothing about wars and trains.

But at 198 I am all out of cheap excuses with “1960: Making of a President” --no war no trains in sight. But not surprised it’s a GMT game.

Neither have I heard of #199 Imperial.

So with much good will I made it nearly to 200. I couldn’t hold a debate on most of these but I have been known to go through the Top 100 to figure out what kind of games those were and whether I needed to own them :wink: I am done with that strategy though.

PS: Can I add a second challenge? (Also stolen from somewhere). How many pages do you have to go until you get to a page where you haven’t played at least one game? This isn’t quite as harsh and last time I checked I got into the thousands.

From 800 onwards it’s getting thinner… I made it to the 1500s and nearly had to stop but found an old game from 1986 that I’ve played as a child (Labyrinth) and I dropped out on page 28 the page that has both Pictures (Spiel des Jahres 2020) and Iwari (debated here in the forum a few times)…

Most of the weird games I’ve played are courtesy of my Spiel visits…


Last year’s big Alexander Pfister release. I was quite hyped on it but ended up not buying it… when there was a debate (here?) about the colonialism theme. It’s something something quite blue in the Caribbean with ships and pirates.

It’s a big survival exploration game. Much like a choose your own adventure book. It has a bit of a steampunk flair where the characters are dropped on an unknown continent and have no idea how they arrived there and had to solve a mystery. The follow up “7th Citadel” was on Kickstarter recently and got huge backer numbers.

It’s the space Terra Mystica.


I have even played Legendary Encounters. Coop deckbuilder, didn’t impress me.

Played blood bowl team manager too. Not bad.

Actually, it seems like all the games you guys haven’t heard of I have played or seen played. My blind spot appears to be nondescript Euros =)


Yeah, I think this is what caught me up. I got to Macao #312 and couldn’t remember if it was one of the place-named-Euros that I had heard about before or not.


#47 Anachrony for me; I think I’ve heard the name before, but I couldn’t guess at the theme or genre from the game title alone, which I guess is a good metric for ignorance of a game’s existence.


Anachrony is the headliner from the portfolio of David Turczi, the master of Automa opponents.


142, Paths of Glory, although it sounds like a wargame, so that would account for it


Paths of Glory came onto my radar thanks to @Boydesian sharing images of his latest GMT haul :slight_smile:


Spoiler for another thread: Paths of Glory has made it into my collection by way of its constant praise (and practically illegally cheap auction win)