Fury of Dracula PBF

I find myself interested in running a forum game of Fury of Dracula. This will be using the 4th edition ruleset. Game can handle up to five players, with one player as Dracula and the others as the hunters. It can be played with less, but there will always be four hunter characters in the game, so some doubling up will be necessary if I don’t get a full complement of players.

I intend to start after the holidays are over, which will give me time to get the necessary graphic assets. I would ask each player to check in at least once a day, but preferably more than that as Dracula can get a bit bored waiting for all the hunters to go through their day phase and then their night phase before he gets a turn. By the same token, I may be the hold up on occasion if I get busy at work, but I should be able to keep things updated at least a few times a day.

Please post here if interested in playing. New players welcome. First come, first serve.


Argh!!! So much stuff to do!!!

Can’t resist


Yes I’ll give it a go. I don’t know the 4th edition rules but I played first edition a good few times. Will read up on these rules this evening.

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I’m interested. I’ve played the FFG edition once, and the original GW edition several times.

@MichaelCule you might want to see this.

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The rules are very different than 1st edition, which I haven’t played in years. Obvious up front difference is the addition of Mina Harker to the hunter crew. I am happy to go over the 4th ed rules if anyone desires.

The rules themselves did not really change between 3rd (FFG) and 4th (WizKids). 4th edition is essentially a clarification of FFG’s rules, removing a lot of the ambiguousness from various situations (the Fangs card, for instance).

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So can we use Quinn’s video?


The FoD page has been scrubbed from the WizKids web site, but BGG has the learn-to-play and reference guides.

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I feel like there were one or two mistakes in the video, but for getting the basics down, it’s good. I’ll watch it again later to see if I spot the errors (or they are probably mentioned in the comments).

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I’m interested if there’s space :slight_smile:

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Is there room for me to make up the numbers?

(As with everything else, more than happy to step aside if oversubscribed.)


I’d love to take part if there’s still room. I’ve got a copy and played Dracula twice, once successfully, once ending up staked.

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Snap. I’ve got loads of pbfs on the go so I’ll stand down

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Okay, I think we’re full.

I have @RossM, @RogerBW, @gmwhite999, @Whistle_Pig and @MichaelCule

Thank you, @Captbnut for stepping aside.

Any volunteers for Dracula? Sounds like Michael has some experience, but I don’t want to throw anyone into a role they don’t want. Is there a hunter anyone has particular interest in playing? They are (in order of play):

Lord Godalming - 11 health

  • Draws 2 item cards when supplying in large cities, instead of 1
  • Draws 2 train ticket tokens when taking a ticket, instead of 1

Dr. Seward - 9 health

  • Recovers 2 health when resting (or allows another resting hunter at his location to do so), rather than 1
  • Has a hand limit of 4 item cards and 4 event cards, rather than 3 each

Van Helsing - 8 health

  • Can trade event cards with hunters in other cities. Normal trading rules only allow items and hunters must be in the same city
  • Has an extra Bite space, making him harder to defeat in that manner

Mina Harker - 9 health

  • As an action, when in the same city as another hunter, can make Dracula reveal if he is in that region
  • Permanent Bite, making her easier to defeat in that manner and must always have a revealed item and event card showing.

Rather not play as Dracula as it’s my first time with these rules, but I’ve no preference as to which hunter.

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Happy to be anyone, happy to be Dracula.

You can count on me to fill any role.


Nice! I will be a spectator if nobody minds :slight_smile: I have heard so much about this game, it will be good to see how it goes.


It’s a free forum, how would we stop you? :smiley:


I’d rather not be Dracula, but any hunter is fine.

FoD is an absolutely great game. Enjoy!