Flamme Rouge - Tour de Fléau

I’m already running “Tour de Peste” games on BGG and on the Shut Up & Sit Down forum, so shall we go for the triple?

No experience needed. This is a game I have taught in a couple of minutes. I have randomisers and can post track images and cards dealt.

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I’m in! And more characters blah blah

Yes, I’m interested. I haven’t played Flamme Rouge or even any forum-based game before but what’s the worst that can happen. :slight_smile:

Just a question, would you need to have the game to be able to play?

As a first ever post on here, I’d love to join please.

It’s not necessary to own the game. The rules are freely available. (In case your conscience twinges, I do own a copy so you’re effectively using my set.)

Since the Tour de Peste I’ve been running on SU&SD will be moving here, we ought to have a different name. Tour de Fléau?

And that looks like four potential players out of a possible six…

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Cool, you can count me in

I also own the game, but have lent it to my parents.

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That fills me with warmth, somehow.

I just was not sure if I needed a set of cards, but I guess we’d all be using Roger’s

Yeah, I manage the decks and exhaustion and so on and post your card draws each round.

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Thought so. Yes, definitely count me in, it will be great fun.

I’d like to join! Have never played FR before, but understand that it’s not super complicated :biking_man:

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Hills are the only challenging part, and even they aren’t that difficult to grok.

We’ve been playing a lot of FR by Zoom.

I found a web app on BGG which manages the cards. Obviously unnecessary with this fine venture, but I’ve found its the most in depth game we can play in real time without all being in the same place.

So that’s five players. We could start there, or wait for someone else…

I’m happy to wait. I think the great migration is still happening

As a participant in the SUSD-forum-to-be-moved-here Tour de Peste, I will sit out of this one. Perhaps, instead, I will be a fickle spectator and cheer for whomever is in the lead? Or perhaps I’ll be one of the people in the refreshments zone handing you bottles of water (or wine, I’m not judging)


I’d love to join! I’ve always wanted to play Flamme Rouge, but was put off on price and likely friends and family not being too into the concept. I will gladly be #6 on the tour!


That makes a nice half dozen…



Please make the really hard decision: pick a colour!

(Available colours are red, green, blue, pink, black, white.)

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