Decrypto - Recruitment

Inspired by my recent game and terrified by the thought that I might have another two-year drought until I play it again, I’ve decided to run a game.

It should be dead simple to run via PM and public thread, the tracking sheets are freely available on Le Scorpion Masqué’s site… all we need is a host and I am happy to be it. We can take up to 8 and even numbers are preferred.

Who’s in?

P.S. I’m hitting the sack early tonight so this wouldn’t start immediately.


I’ll play. Love Decrypto

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Sure! Why not?

Owned it for a while and never played, so I would like to join to at least get a feel for it.


I’m up for it.

I’m not sure Decrypto works well without a timer - I seem to remember the previous forum games all went to the end with virtually uncrackable clues - but I’m interested to see if that trend continues or not.


Here same! I own it but have yet to bring it to the table -.- Due to me never learning the rules right… and buying it in the middle of a pandemic.

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I’ve never played but I do own it. I’d be up for trying!

I’m another newbie ready to rumble!

I will watch avidly, I got it from my Secret Santa and still have not played it…

So many people not playing Decrypto! It has been a bad year for it…

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We need one more for an 8P game, want to jump in head first?

[EDIT] How did we want to handle team assignment? Random?

Codenames has the great online implementation… that has helped.

I’ll join if there’s still room.


Alright, here’s our group:


My folks are heading out soon, so I’ll let you all palaver for a bit with respect to how you want to divide into teams. I’ll only suggest that we try to keep the newcomers split evenly for fairness. Any rules questions, fire away!

@Captbnut not thrilled with the security freakout my phone gave me with that .io link. Gonna just keep to forum play if that’s ok with everyone.


Sorry. It was fine when I used it last

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Ooh, ouch. The SSL cert they present is for I mean that’s almost certainly incompetence rather than malice, but…


Deleted the link


These are the scoresheets for the game if you wanted to use them directly or otherwise as a guide for organizing clues.

I’ll be using the random code generator on the official website, and will use my own copy to generate our words.

When I overrode the security warnings, it appeared to be a church calendar….


Added to the OP.

Do feel free to field any questions. Also if we want me just to divvy up teams and get rolling, just say the word. Maybe we split by timezone?