Decrypto - Recruitment

Random or moderator’s fiat sounds best for teams.

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I’ll let others chime in for a bit but otherwise I’ll get this set up this afternoon (14:25PST as I post).

Random teams works for me as well.

Try random, and if it leaves many newbies in one team, retry??

Going semi-random here, with the first timers drawn first, then the seasoned vets drawn second. Teams will be as follows:

Team "A"


Team "1"


Please do feel free to come up with team names. I’ll post the round’s words once you all provide me with a first player for your teams.


I feel like the order you posted here totally works.

Happy with that.

Not done this on pbf before. How do we discuss within our teams - on the thread, or by PM?

Publicly I believe, so the other team can ‘hear’ our chat?

I honestly can’t remember.

I think it’s more fun if we let the intercepting side deliberate publicly. Deliberating your own teams clues should probably be kept to PM just to avoid any accidental spoilers.

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I’ll post a game thread and send off first words to the teams a little later today. Off for a morning walk.

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Just because I’m not sure what everyone’s doing on their end, I wanted to stress the importance of good bookkeeping. The thread and PM’s will get unwieldy fast, so even a quick scrap of paper with a rough format (per the official sheet) for the job will be a handy, if not indispensible, tool.