Decrypto - Communicate Safely

Welcome, everyone, to Vic’s code cracking cavalcade! Below we have our teams:

Team “A”


Team “1”


Teams will rotate in the order presented, meaning Yashima will be our first encryptor for Team A, while mr.ister will lead off for Team 1.

Gameplay will follow the structure per the attached image below, included for any spectators. Any and all deliberation made by the intercepting team will be handled publicly. In order to protect against any accidental gaffes, teams will decipher their own codes in private.

Our first words have been selected and will be sent via PM. Because the first round does not include an interception, we will handle it publicly to help set the stage.

Fire your engines!

[EDIT] Note that I will be moderator/host ONLY for the game. I have attached myself to each team’s group PM to keep everyone on the straight-and-narrow. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just to make sure, I’ll receive my code after Team A went, right?

Yep. And that’s a good reminder that I forgot to send Yashima her code. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’ll send yours too.

[EDIT] Just to clarify for everyone, this first round will be the ONLY round where teams deliberate publicly on their own clues. This is mainly to avoid an awkward start in the thread for any spectators. From round 2 onward, we will be attempting to intercept publicly, but teams will be allowed to discuss the solutions to their own codes in private.

This is in an attempt to simulate the kind of tertiary information players can glean from the opposing side’s chatter IRL, while protecting any devastating reveals for the current encryptor’s team given the written format.


So, I post my 3 clues here? I have never played this game before. Dear Team, I hope I don’t mess up.

Here it comes then:

  • a man on a toilet
  • Star Wars
  • western devils

So, as a player on Yashima’s team, I should post 3 numbers that I think correspond to her clues? Publicly, because it’s the first round?


I think so.

I’m going to blur my numbers just in case I’m wrong to put them up

2, 1 and 3 (although the last one I’m really not certain of)

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I concur, though one of those answers is just a guess for me (I don’t get the link).

(But it’s not the one you didn’t get, so that’s good).


You can discuss however you think is best but definitely use the numbers to refer to your thoughts as you have been. This is why I want this part of the guessing to be within PM (hereafter): you can more freely discuss your thoughts with respect to your words rather than the code.

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I agree with Cap and Benkyo


Seems we have consensus. With a drumroll, @Yashima please reveal your code (Team 1 be sure to mark these guesses and their corresponding numbers down! [EDIT] You too, Team A).

Well, they are right of course. 2-1-3


Nicely played! @mr.ister you’re up for your team.


Alright, here we go:

  • Street
  • Impasse
  • Path

Please, figure it out, teammates! :grimacing:


Ok. I think Path is 2.


I don’t see how any of the clues relate to 4


I think street is 1
Impasse is 3
Path is 2


I agree with @RossM on this one.

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@COMaestro ? I’m not 100% an any of these.

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I agree with street - 1 and path - 2. I’m not getting impasse at all, so I’m fine going with 3.


Ok. Let’s lock in 132

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@mr.ister check PM first please.

Oh boy, unfortunately that’s incorrect. Should I announce the correct code now, @VictorViper ?

Sorry everybody for that terrible start!