Cream Tea - Jam or Cream first on scones?

Bread roll.

Sometimes “bap”.

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My friend is on a business trip to Cornwall and has avoided eating scones because people get too angry. He just posted:

“Someone a little loud and aggressive when discussing tea insisted “cream is crown” and “if you want to put jam on top we are happy to help you get to Devon - via a catapult”. Very heated.”


Not much to do in Cornwall I guess…

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Oh, wow, I opened a can of worms. Those scones look delicious, I haven’t had cream tea for ages. And yes, clotted cream first. Like if I put butter and jam on a toast, the butter goes first, and then the heat and magic do the rest.

That piece of bread I used to call it a cob when I was living in Stoke and Nottingham, then turned into a bap when I moved to Chippenham. So bread roll will do, o burger bun or I will call it however I remember at the time.


It’s a roll

As for scones I just eat them as I’ve been given them!

Also a scone is the fastest food in the world (“it’s scone”). Doesn’t work if it rhymes with stone


In terms of food being called different things in different places, i went into a chippy (well a Turkish kebab/burger place) in Wimbledon and asked for a chip buttie. Total blank stares. “You know, chips in a cob? A roll? Etc.”

We ended with fries in a pitta. Sad times.


That might be because it was a kebab place, rather than because it was Wimbledon :stuck_out_tongue:


Looks like the top half of a hamburger bun to me. Maybe it’s just the picture but I wouldn’t call that a full roll.

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Jam then cream.

Everyone knows you say scone, not scone.

My linguist wife says both pronunciations are acceptable, but she is wrong.


Has anyone on this thread had a Wigan kebab? That video has lived in my head rent free from day one.

I daren’t ask

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Best local food is a Parmo from Middlesbrough

Butterfly chicken breast, breadcrumbed and fried. Covered in tomato sauce, cheese and whatever hell else you want

Pie in a bread bun/roll/cob/stottie

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Don’t ask and yet you shall receive.


Couldnt find a chippy in Wimbledon!

Okay, that’s all kinds of amazing. And yes I would.


Isn’t that a schnitzel?

Me too. The snack pea wet or whatever sounds gross tho. I hate mushy peas

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I bet you could have got strawberries and cream though! But maybe not in a bun.

I’m not sure. I’ve never had a schnitzel at 4am from a kebab shop

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