Champion of the Wild -- PBF Recruitment and Discussion

I think it’s time we run a PBF for Champion of the Wild.

I’ve been thinking about it for some time and seeing it pop-up in the Top 10 thread brought it to mind again.

So, without knowing exactly how this is going to go, I will open by gauging interest and collecting some suggestions for format.

Judging Format
  • Coaches Vote (per Champion of the Wild Rules)
  • Panel of Judges
  • Popular Vote (spectator involvement)

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Player Format
  • Individual Coaches (max 6 players)
  • Teams of Two (max 12 players)
  • Teams of Three or More (unlimited players)

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  • Interested in playing
  • Interested in spectating
  • Nevermind, I dislike fun.

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I will also be taking suggestions for the actual tournament format. A lot of it depends on the vote outcomes above and the overall level of interest.


The 2nd edition is available directly from Big Imagination Games’ website: How To Play – Big Imagination Games

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Recommend the judging format be popular vote, but also include the coaches.

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Not a clue how it goes, so I voted for everything but the “I don’t like fun” bit.


Could use “likes“ for posts as a gauge of popularity. Opens to coaches and spectators that way.

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And handily does the counting automatically, prevents double votes, etc.

(Fun? On my forum?)


Okay, there’s definitely interest. I’ve put in an email to Tom Clare to ask what provisions or restrictions he expects around the game itself. I would love to be able to use the full complement of assets from the physical game, but I doubt the artwork will be made available to me.

I’m expecting to get, at least, an acknowledgement that the gameplay, event names and animals are freely usable, though the exact text of the rulebook and events are certainly subject to copyright.

If I don’t hear anything back from Big Imagination Games in the news couple of days, I’ll just move forward with a “generic” form of the game.

Poll Results

  • Individual coaches - I believe we will have a full complement of 6 coaches for the competition. If there are more than 6 wanting to play in the first game, I will randomly determine and those not chosen will be guaranteed a slot in the a future game
  • Popular Vote - proposed game flow:
    • Each coach announces their competing animal with an introduction, method in which the animal will accomplish the event, and a background on how the animal has been coached.
    • Each other coach will be allowed to make comment or question each other coach.
    • If necessary, a coach will be able to make a rebuttal to answer any questions or concerns from other coaches.
    • If necessary, and the audience is sufficiently engaged, the banter can be continued between two coaches.
    • Once all commentary and rebuttals have been made by coaches, the audience and coaches will vote by clicking the :heart: icon on the contestant they prefer. Each person may vote for multiple contestants.
    • If necessary, a recount can be performed using a Poll (like the ones in the first post of this thread). I can be persuaded to perform all votes this way and it may come to that due to being unable to un-vote/un-heart a post after a certain amount of time (don’t vote too early!)

Because I Want To:

  • A coach may opt to compete directly in an event themself. Just as with an animal, they describe how they will compete and how they have been training for the event. Bonus points for posting a picture of you actually performing the training you claim to have undergone. No coach may compete in more than one event of the championship.

[EDIT] The following is subject to change (and comments/recommendations)

Event Selection – Each coach will choose 3 of the event decks to draw 1 card from. Of those 3 events drawn, they will choose 1. The selected events will then be shuffled and 3 selected at random, but not revealed until after the coaches select their 3 animals.

Animal Availability – You’ll be randomly dealt a hand of 5 animals. You will select 3 of them to keep.

Event Announcement – Once all coaches have selected their 3 animals, all three events will be revealed.


Is there are reason why the max. ammount of players is 6? Asking because afair it was up to 8 players.

I guess we could go higher. I really want to let the coaches engage in back-and-forth when pitching their animals and strategies. I was worried more than 6 would just be too much.

I’m amenable to changing the cap of 6 if people think it would work.

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I’d say play it by ear. If 7 people are interested, up the max to 7 and let everyone in. No reason to leave one person out. If 10 people are interested, pick 5 to play this go and 5 to play next go. Adjust as necessary once actual numbers are known.


Good news! Big Imagination Games / Tom Clare were very receptive to my request and, while they did not provide any direct access to assets, I have been given permission to use my own copy to generate assets. So give me a few days to get the cards scanned :smiley:


Also, since my time is somewhat limited: does anybody have both a copy of Champion of the Wild and a scanner that would be willing to assist in scanning cards? We could divvy up the decks

I have a copy of the game but not a scanner, unfortunately. Do we have enough players with their own copies to get by with just snaps of their cards while the dirty work gets done? Thinking that might at least make the chore a little more leisurely.

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Wild suggestion here…
Can’t you just scan cards that come up? Or is it too much fuss?

Well, the good news is that I got all is the animal cards scanned in batches of 9.

Now I need to crop them out into individual cards and we should be ready to go.

For the event cards, I’ll just scan the ones that are drawn.

I plan to have the animal cards ready to go this evening, so we can open up sign-ups.

Please post below if you would like to be a Coach (i.e. participate in this first Championship). If you are planning to be a spectator/audience member, no action is needed just yet


Count me in as a Coach.

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I would like to be a coach, but will step aside if others want to play. I am in two other games on the forum anyway.


I’m interested in playing please


I’d like to be a coach as well.

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I will spectate if that is OK. I have also Firefly going in the forum, and that is enough for games I have never played before. Future games I will definitely like to join if that is OK.

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Would like to play as a coach :kissing_cat:

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