Champion of the Wild - April 2021

Welcome, Coaches and Spectators, to the April 2021 Inaugural Championship of the Wild

Introducing the Coaches for this very special first ever Championship of the Wild:

Preliminary Event Selection

Coaches, there are 5 categories of Events. You will each, in the order you are listed above, select 3 of the Event Decks from which you will receive 1 card each. From those 3 cards you receive, you will choose one of them to enter the Event Pool. There’s no guarantee that your selected Event will be a stage in the Championship, but there’s a 50% chance that it will, and that might give you an edge during the next stage: Animal Selection

Event Categories (Select 3)

  • Endurance
  • Power
  • Speed
  • Team
  • Technical

For those of you joining us from around the world, spectating this spectacular event, please stay tuned as your votes will be crucial to determine who will be the Champion of the Wild


Endurance, Teams and Technical please!

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Technical, speed and team for me.

Sorry I see now that it moved.

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Can I get an idea of what all the event categories are? I mean, Endurance, Power, and Speed are pretty self explanatory. What about Team and Technical?

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If nobody chimes in first, I’ll post here. I’m frantically running through the manual (I’m realizing I haven’t so much as peeked at this since it shipped :flushed:).


Some examples:


  • Hide & Seek
  • Long Jump
  • Mechanical Bull
  • Hole Digging
  • Supermarket Sweep


  • Animal Stacking
  • Bobsleigh
  • Tug of War
  • Synchronized Swimming
  • Capture the Flag
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I looked for a summary in the rulebook, the website and the Kickstarter page: there are no summaries for the categories anywhere.

The only one that I think is tricky is Team: it is a team of 2 or more of the animal you select (or… A team of clones if you submit yourself as a coach to compete?). You do not select multiple animal cards from your hand for the event.

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Updated with examples from their respective decks.

@pillbox are we still going to be using the like system for votes or stick to formal posting/PM?

Thank you both. In that case, I am going to go with Speed, Technique, and Endurance.

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I choose Power, Team, Speed

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I’ll say Endurance, Team, Power.

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Oh it’s me, huh…

Let’s do:
Team, Speed, and Technical

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Apologies to everyone for the wait. Events have been dealt to the Coaches. Once each coach chooses one of the events they’ve been shown, those 6 events will be shuffled and 3 of the events will be selected. Each judge, then, has a 50% chance of knowing one of the 3 events they will be participating in. This may influence their choice of animal competitors in the next stage.

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Anyone who has a sensitivity to certain critters (such as snakes, spiders, dolphins, etc) can feel free to reply here or send me a private message and I can quietly cull the deck of any of those particular creatures.

I’m willing to leave it the coaches to decide among themselves how best to perform voting.

I’m totally up for as much audience participation as possible for voting, be that likes, a poll, comments, a combination of the above, or something else.


The only issue I can foresee is if we have varying numbers of participants at the spectator level. We could have wildly different numbers on a given event depending on “voter turnout”. It’s a silly game and none of that really matters of course, but it’s something to consider.

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Championship of the Wild – April 2021

Everyone, please help me in congratulating our coaches for reaching this, the inaugural Championship of the Wild.

Now that our coaches have prepared their team of animals, the Event Selection Selection Committee has selected an Event Selection for our contestants to face in the upcoming days.

The follow events will be held in the the order presented here:

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 1

Coaches, please submit the animal competitor that you will be coaching through Stage 1, Sand Transporter


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Should this be done in a PM, or publicly?

Each coach can confirm their choice with me privately and I can announce when all submissions have been made.

My selection is made. Let’s get dirty!

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