Bug: I like posts and then the site forgets, clicking again goes boom

Maybe this is a localized Firefox issue or it is an issue with the forum software but I am wondering if it is only me. What happens is this:

  • me likes post
  • forum shows me I did
  • … ( time passes, invaders come and go, the site stays open, I do nothing ) …
  • forum forgets I liked post and shows me the empty heart again
  • I cannot bear to see it and click again and get an error message how I cannot see the resource or something.
  • I reload and the heart is red again

(I am just a dev not a tester so I am bad at describing issues)

Am I the only one this happens to?


I’m seeing this occasionally on the other Discourse forum I run - a user clicks “like” and gets a popup along the lines of “you are not permitted to view the requested resource”.

I think it may be something to do with slightly shonky IPv6 connectivity to the host but I’m not at all sure.

There’s a similar error message reported here but that had a specific cause (custom group settings) which isn’t relevant in this case.

Thanks for the report - I’ll keep an eye on it and see what more what I can find out. More information from anyone is welcome, particularly if you can pin down something else that’s associated with this happening.


For what it is worth it happens on all my devices but I use firefox on all of these. However on the mobile devices I do not have all the extensions that might be a cause. I could try Brave for a change… maybe it is some firefox-blocking issue.

It definitely happens on some kind of “auto-refresh” cycle.

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I saw it happening yesterday using safari on my iPhone. My initial thought was my session had expired and I had been logged out.

I’ve noticed this for approximately a week or so. I use Chrome. Refreshing the page (or re-browsing to that thread) will then show the full-heart correctly in (almost?) all cases.

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I’ve seen this for a couple of weeks now. There appears to be no rhyme or reason for which posts it happens on or when it will happen. I’ve seen it on my PC and on my phone, both using Chrome. Like pillbox says, a refresh typically resolves the issue.

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This happened to me yesterday for the first time, and I use Chrome. Later on, the heart was there.

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