Boxes full of air and other tragedies

Dirt is totally separate from GT, though compatible via expansions you won’t be able to get. GT is, at first blush, the better multiplayer game, and given that you can track down the expansion content, probably the better choice overall. For my 2¢ anyway.

[EDIT] Dirt was going to have GT tiles/compatibility via the RX (rallycross) expansion. Just to confirm you didn’t get that impression out of nowhere.

[DOUBLE EDIT] Maybe also worth adding, however: I think Dirt is a much better game than GT, overall. This isn’t due to any improvements made between then and now, but entirely thanks to the nature of Rally tracks (and their associated features). The tileset just plays into the dice system in a way that really boosts your pathing and risk-taking options.

With that out of the way, GT might offer something a little more standard in terms of track navigation, but things definitely get wild thanks to traffic. My general suggestion that it’s the better choice for multiplayer stands.


Broadly agreed with VictorViper! I have both and I’m going to keep both, but the feel is quite different between the two games.


Heat still does first-across-the-line plainly better for my tastes; Dirt managed to add some extra permanence to Rallyman for me. Still I’d always, always recommend GT as well.

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Quick appreciation for Forests of Pangaia which turned up with not a spare cm in the box.


Maybe more like


I took home Frostpunk and now I’ve got one to file under “other tragedies”. Granted the core box is a monster and could probably be condensed into a tidy box full of air photo, but it really does need room for decent organization, so I’m going to give it a pass.

This one’s tragic because they went to the effort of making an enormous plastic insert, and then allotted almost every inch of its (non-tower) real estate to card wells. There’s nowhere for the huge stack of environment tiles, nowhere for the dozens of unique building tiles, just… nothing. I can barely fit everything even if I just toss all the cardboard elements into baggies and I’m still left with a rather precarious arrangement of map tiles sitting proud on top of everything else. I’m guessing the idea was to support sleeved cards, but then I’m really at a loss for what they expected people to do with the rest of the components.

Anyway, the good news is that I’ll be fine once I toss the insert. The bad news is I’ll be inclined to do a foam core project should I like the game enough. For now some standard tackle boxes will do the job.


Reading about Frostpunk… the big Titanbox for Moonrakers is similar.

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The problem is often fixed once you throw out the insert.


Sure, that’s the case 99% of the time. This one’s notable for just how badly and obviously they blew it.

Missed this — Moonrakers is, at least as far as I know, fully a card game though, no? This game definitely needed a box roughly this size, but then they built a solution that didn’t account for half of it! :sweat_smile:

[EDIT] I tried to emphasize that I wasn’t sour about the jumbo cube of a box. To wit:

This thing expands like insulation foam. I tried to capture more (to avoid all the cropping) but I smacked the lamp hanging above it.


Discussions of GameTrayz™ led me to looking at the only game I have that uses them, Megaland:

Without them, the game would fit into something like a Fort/Codenames/Red Cathedral size box (with room to spare) and might actually get played!

Amusingly, removing the GameTrayz™®© meant I discovered it had some bonus cards for Above & Below hidden underneath. I bought this game 4 years ago :laughing:


Megaland is especially annoying because it is an oversized, overproduced insert that doesn’t even do a good job of holding everything in place. The standees and cards constantly fall out of their assigned slots. The whole thing is useless.