Box repair tips

As I mentioned elsewhere, I’m now the proud owner of copy of Gaia Project that has a big dent in the box:

The damage is significant enough that I think it could do with some patching. Does anyone have any tips? My plan at the moment is scotch tape :laughing:

If you’re going to use tape, I kind of like the tape with built-in linear fibers that’s sold for wrapping packages.

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if it were me, I’d use some archive-quality craft paper, cut a nice big patch that covers the area and overlaps by at least a couple of centimeters on all sides and then apply a generous amount of glue and put something heavy on it to hold it in place while the glue dries.

If the outside of the box bothers you, I’d try to smooth out the existing cardboard as carefully as I could and use a clear, archive-quality tape. And I’d probably do that step before the paper fix on the inside.


Those sound like good recommendations if you want the box still to look good after the repairs.