Blood on the clocktower PBF


So following on from the recruitment thread here are the rules and roles for our game.


Trouble Brewing Roles

Some special rules for the PBF version.
To simulate talking you can send players messages but if you do please announce on the main forum:
@deceptive-killer whispers with @not-so-deceptive-killer
And when you reply:
@not-so-deceptive-killer whispers back to @deceptive-killer

If you are having a long message then it would be good to state
@stabby_mc_bumface had a very long whisper with @Jane_the_victim

The only exception to whispers is talking to the storyteller. Any messages to me can be just between us, wink, wink.

Should you get killed then you will get a chance to narrate your own death (a rare treat indeed). Also unlike werewolf remember you will get a chance to cast one final vote and can in your ghostly form still communicate with the townsfolk. Using italics for your posts when dead is a good way to show that your no longer corporeal.

Any abilities will be discussed in private messages. I’ll prompt players who have any unused abilities whenever their is an opportunity.

Finally in terms of voting I’ll announce on the main thread when voting starts. Then players can message me their votes.

I think that about covers it. Any suggestions or alterations let me know on the recruitment thread.

How about we aim to start on Friday that way if anyone else wishes to join they can post me a message. I will post Messages to players letting them know their roles and reminding them of their abilities. Then we will have our first night phase and I will promptly die.

EDIT: added reference sheet here for ease.



Beginning and ending your post with a ghost emoji is also helpful.



Looking forward to this


:ghost: I completely forgot about the joys of ghost chat :ghost:


:ghost:the ghost emoji joys how could I have forgot:ghost:


Adding the one sheet roles here too to help with the game.


Unfortunatly, some things came up and I won’t be able to participate after all. I wish everybody a lot of fun!


That’s unfortunate. If you free up there are special roles “travellers” that can be assigned to players that need to leave or turn up late. So if you want to start or join later but may need to duck out I can assign one of these roles, just let me know.


That’s really thoughtful (and quite clever gamewise) but I think I will sit this one out completely and enjoy reading the thread.


Not a problem at all and look forward to your input in the post game dissection.

Maybe you can jump in to the next game (assuming i don’t make a mess of this one).


OK, so I’m going to start sending out private messages to players.

I believe that we have 8 players. which means that before any role modifiers are applied the town will consist of:

1 Demon
1 Minion
1 Outsider
5 Townsfolk

I will send out messages to each of you today with your role. Please acknowledge and I’ll assume that we are ready to go once everyone gives me the nod.

For the purposes of the game the player seating is as follows:


The last player will loop around to the first (i.e. @Whistle_Pig is sitting next to @pillbox). This can be important for some of the abilities.

One further rule for PBF. if we have a spy role I would say that we limit their powers so that they cannot share everyone’s info in one post (this reflects actual play a bit better where the grimoire would be shown rather than typed out and always readable).

Any questions at any time just message me. I’ve also turned the recruitment forum into a discussion forum for use for anyone observing or for general non game breaking chat.


Everyone has their role. Player aid added to the top of this thread as it’s a useful quick reference when people start claiming abilities (cheers Roger).

Once everyone acknowledges their roles I’ll start the game. and again any travellers are welcome just drop a message on the discussion forum and I can add you in.

Everyone, guess what?

I’m totally not a werewolf!

Totally worth it


Of course not, we already know you’re a spy trying to infiltrate the heroic rebellion.

(I like One Night Revolution possibly better than it deserves, but one reason for that is that in the three-and four-player games it’s entirely possible for all players on Team Good and still start executing each other.)


I did once run a game of werewolves with no werewolves.


That is the most evil genius thing I’ve ever heard! Love it.


And yet people still died, presumably. Who are the real monsters, now?

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Why do you do this? You know we have to kill you now.


Oh yeah, I let it run until their were two people left and then declared them winners.

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That’s fine @COMaestro . Immediately point suspicion at me.

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