Antiquity - BoardGameCore Game #1 - Benkyo, mr.ister, pillbox

Back to @mr.ister

And it’s @pillbox again!

And now @Benkyo

@mr.ister is up.

@pillbox time to explore!

And back to @Benkyo in the studio.

@Benkyo to pollute

@pillbox, @mr.ister you are both up.

@Benkyo to build

@mr.ister is up.

And done. Your turn @pillbox

And back to @Benkyo

To @mr.ister

And @pillbox is up.

@mr.ister to Explore

@Benkyo to pollute. Yay nobody starved!

@mr.ister is up.

And done. Back to @pillbox

Everybody’s turn now, @Benkyo & @mr.ister

@Benkyo is up.