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Mistborn game designed by John D Clair :hot_face: :hot_face: :hot_face: :hot_face:


We wants it now! Mistborn, deckbuilding, John D :drooling_face:
Anyhow looks like the publisher is one fo the crowdfunding ones… we wants it a little less.
How did you find this?


I forgot. It might have been the GenCon preview page in BGG


Saw he had a new card crafting game and assume this might be it then.

Mystic vale retheme?

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Reading about it sounds like it’s much more dominion than mystic vale.

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Efka at NPI just posted on bluesky that Kurt Vonnegut’s lost boardgame “GHQ” is being released.

Kurt made a boardgame in 1956, and it’s sat in a library under copyright where even photocopying was forbidden by the lawyers. He wrote his first book, Player Piano, and the critics liked it but it didn’t make enough money, so while writing Cat’s Cradle (amazing classic of SF) he designed a “war troops on an 8x8 board” boardgame and tried to sell it to gaming companies. They didn’t buy at the time, but it’s getting an official edition now.

Includes a 24-page booklet with Kurt’s original design notes. In his letter to an Ohio game company Kurt said “I have played the game about a thousand times, and it works like a dollar watch”. (ie: smooth like good clockwork).


As opposed to 2024 “works like a dollar watch”: there’s a nasty twang noise and the gold has rubbed off.