Anticipated games

Not really seening a thread for games you are really anticipating, though the Kickstarter thread does stand in for that sometimes. Still, thought I would make one after today’s announcement by Restoration Games.

Unmatched is getting four expansions next year using Marvel IP!

Yes, four 3-Hero sets, with 3 player free-for-all rules!

The sets are:

Hell’s Kitchen - Daredevil, Elektra, and Bullseye
Redemption Row - Luke Cage, Ghost Rider, and Moon Knight
Teen Spirit - Ms. Marvel, Squirrel Girl, and Cloak and Dagger
King and Country- Black Widow, Winter Soldier, and Black Panther

I love the Unmatched system; even though I don’t get to play it as often as I would like, I still own almost everything for it. As a Marvel fan, I am really excited by this announcement and am eagerly awaiting next summer when they are scheduled to start releasing.

So, what is everyone excited for and can’t wait to pick up?


Good idea for a thread :slight_smile:

I am often behind the times despite Germany being a big boardgame country because I often have to wait longer for international releases. In many cases I just miss out on the few English copies that make it here because I am really really good at waffling about game purchases.

For the not so new things I anticipate due to availability issues
  • the release of a European set of Unmatched by Iello :slight_smile: and the Marvel sets sounds exciting and I am sure that for a brief moment they will be available here as well. So does it matter which box one starts with?
  • I am also eagerly waiting for reprints of Planet X and Calico
  • Waiting for German releases of the latest round of Root expansions (I once tried mixing an English expansion into a German base game and regretted it)
  • CloudAge is (finally!!!) en route!

For something actually unreleased:

  • As our coffee (and by that I mean exclusively espresso) machine broke down, we’re doing an unintended coffee fast (ouch!). Coffee Traders looks good. (And no worries, new machine is alread ordered but we’ll have to survive until after Christmas)

Plus I am obviously quite excited for my incoming Kickstarters although I believe that nothing more is arriving before 2021.


The game that might be released in 2021 that I’m most looking forward to is Border Reivers, just because of the designer (and the gameplay looks intriguing as well). I’m not going to say I can’t wait to pick it up, because I can - I haven’t backed the P500, so I’ll see how it looks when it comes out.


I’m waiting for

  • 1861/67,
  • 18MS, I went on a ‘I should own an 18XX thing’ and preordered two. I reasonably convinced I need less than two now. This could be zero or be one?
  • Hansa Teutonica, it’s a fantastic Euro and back in print
  • Red Dust Rebellion, COIN in Spaaaaaaaaaace (My enthusiasm may wane and I may cancel this. I like the COIN system but not how they are linked to real world events)
  • Rallyman expansions, I love Rallyman. It’s a game I can dial back on complexity so my four year old can be competitive (Essentially it’s Haba’s Monza at this level) and also ramp up complexity for adults. Needs 4+ cars on the track though.
  • Beyond the Sun, it’s a ‘near’ future space game. May solve my issue with SpaceCorp 2025 - 2300AD. The latter game you see every card every game so the arc is similar. I’ve played it five times but am not reaching for it again.
  • SpaceCorp: Ventures, what this game needs for variety? May be cancelled if I judge Beyond the Sun to be more like what I want

I’m super excited for Maglev Metro. I love a gimmick component.

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For me it’s Rallyman Dirt plus its expansions. There’s other stuff I’ve Kickstarted that I’m looking forward to, but that’s the one that I want to tear open and play Right Now.


I’ve read sadder things before… But very, very few.

There’s a reason I stockpile ways to make coffee (daily-use drip brewer, backup drip brewer, 2 sizes of French press, espresso machine, percolator, and, as a last resort, pour-over baskets)


Wow! You’re even worse than ME!!! :smirk:


I have an Italian patient who services coffee machines for a living. He assures me the stove top pots are the best way to make coffee.

This is the one we have, although on work days we use a caffatiere (sp) because its quicker.

As for games - my anticipation is about games I’ve traded for, but not played because ideally they play with 3 or 4. That is Eclipse, Puerto Rico and just received today, Voyages of Marco Polo. Also, I’m trying to forget my Secret Santa present, but that will need a spin as well.

This leads to my aim for 2021 - not to buy a new game. I’ve really enjoyed my two Maths Trade experiences and still have games in my collection to trade. I’ll happily have a birthday and Christmas gift of a game, but I’m going to attempt to not buy one myself (or back a Kickstarter)


Right there with you, except I pre-ordered 18Ireland and 18West instead of 18MS.

Lonny Orgler is leading the pack on my anticipation list:

  • 1880: China – Lookout Games is doing a reprint of this, like… Right now? It’s supposed to hit retail still this year, but I seriously doubt it a this point

  • 18Mag – once again, Lonny aims to turn 18xx on its head and try something nobody else has tried. This promises to be a singular 18xx design.

  • Quantified – been waiting a long time for this one to appear

I’m steering clear of Lonny games as they seem to want to twist the 18XX formula. Really I’m after a singular introductory 18XX and 18MS is the clearest I’ve played,

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Not really, it pretty much depends on how interested you are in the game. If just a bit curious, then one of the two packs (Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot or the Jurassic Park Ingen vs. Raptors) may be a good choice, as they are less expensive. Alternately, if one of the IP interest you (Jurassic Park or Buffy the Vampire Slayer), then those might interest you more than other sets.

The heroes in Battle of Legends Vol. 1 (King Arthur, Alice in Wonderland, Sinbad, and Medusa) are very straightforward and easy to play (not necessarily easy to win with - looking at King Arthur here), while from what I have heard Restoration has done the best mechanically with the Cobble & Fog set (Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, Invisible Man, Jekyll and Hyde), bit the heroes in that set aren’t as straightforward to play (again, from what I have heard, I have not yet had the chance to play it).

TL:DR - not really, just go for the set with the characters you like.

Ooh, I forgot about this one. Been interested ever since seeing the SU&SD Let’s Play.

Brave man. I definitely need to cut back on my purchases of games, and hope to focus more on expansions of what I already own (as long as they are being played, esp. Arkham Horror TCG and Marvel Champions) rather than brand new games that languish in my collection and never see the table. Best of luck to you!


Then my hope is for Buffy because I’ve got the best chances to convince my partner to play with me :slight_smile:

Hansa Teutonica came into the webshops yesterday here and I waffled about it for a night and it’s gone already…


Anno 1800 (English edition) - Heard nothing but good things. Love Wallace. Fingers crossed it’s a bit.

Ginkgopolis (reprint) - got it pre-ordered so just tapping my fingers waiting. So soon!

Flesh & Blood: Monarchy - Probably where I’ll get off the FaB train (unless I grow deeply enamoured with the system), but the designers are hyping this up to completely change how FaB works. The packs so far have been about setting a foundation of core characters and cards with nothing particularly crazy, so Monarchy will really dictate where this game is going in future (or at least provide an indication).

Beyond the Sun - Looks so different to everything else and great reviews. I love tech trees, so a whole game set around them perks my ears up.


Had a preorder in since February


I watched half the play through of Heavy Cardboard and it looks lovely. I haven’t pre-ordered but it is also quite high on my “need to stare at the availability button” list.

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Ah, dang, I forgot about this… I totally should have pointed this out to my partner when we were in the game store (or at least checked if they had copies yet)

As far as I’m aware, the English version isn’t being printed until next year. Only German copies about at the minute.

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How sad! :thinking:

That’s really interesting. I saw on BGG that it had been delayed again. It’s on my Xmas list, so it’ll be a nice surprise if I get it as I didn’t think it was in print.