A Downsizing Challenge

Yes, I was only for Thursday to renew my passport, and have a bit of retail therapy. Cerberus Games had a 20% off on board games, so on top of the mini expansion for Root I got Branch and Claw for Spirit Island. And I left before I made a hole in my wallet, their selection and prices are very good for a brick and mortar shop. But the weather was very unpleasant, gusty wind and showers, so I left after a few hours and was back home to Hastings in the early evening.


So, I cancelled my pre-order for Burncycle qnd logging here I’ve just seen it’s got an SUSD review.

This year I think I’ve got better. Preordered 2 18xx, backed no Kickstarters, bought 3 games sold 1 and cancelled 1 order before delivery. Hopefully I can break the purchase cycle to something a little more manageable. At some point I’ll have to trim the 18xx down as I think 30 is a bit untenable for playing but I need to play more to decide what suits me for keeping.

Also I’ve been clearing out. Down to 105 with 5 on the sell list and 6 on ks/preorder. Hopefully I’ll slip below 100 again soon but won’t push too hard for that as I’d rather have 105 games I’m happy with than 100 games plus some regrets. I’d be happier if purchases slowed further, maybe it would be symptomatic of satisficing (satisfactory and suffices) with what I have and exploring them rather than always chasing rainbows of perfect games or a perfect collection.

I like euros but I consider them ephemeral, so I’ll keep buying as current games grow stale and leave, let’s not be too draconian.

Thanks for listening


Gosh, ~30% of your collection is 18xx?


Will be when the 4 on order arrive. Just now it’s ~25%.


Only about 4% of my collection is 18xx

Is that a larger or smaller number of 18xx games than @EnterTheWyvern has? : )


Likely… about the same.

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Backed 1 on Gamefound, partially funded by selling an old copy.

Sold some, bought some. might back 21Moon

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An amazing effort! I thought it would be relevant to our downsizing challenge. This user is thinking… HAH - outside the box!

Memoir of a maniac with a box cutter, one shelf for games, and no cents, no cents at all | BoardGameGeek


I’ve been pretty good buying and backing less this year. I haven’t sold anything recently but I also haven’t bought anything.

Today, I have a migraine and an hour before the end of the campaign ended up backing Septima.
I always buy or back games when a migraine hits. Definitely a pattern. My self-control turns into self-pity and this in turn leads to add-to-cart therapy. I suspected this for a while but today is definitely proof.

Overall, I am trying to put collection changes of all kinds on hold. I previously got rid of most of the “urgent” cases… I am hoping that with a new space (as in spaaaaace!) for the collection within the next year, I can re-evaluate everything.