A collection of solo games on our tables

Instead of copying over the thread about solo games in its entirety I am trying to make a resource that we can maybe offer up to people looking for solo games. I am not sure if this is a worthwhile endeavour and if this is the best way to collect and present that information but I think it’s worth a try. So I am starting with information taken from the previously mentionned thread… please feel free to suggest changes or do them yourself if I manage to figure out the wiki thing this time :wink:

Note: as of right now this is a bit of a work in progress as I haven’t played all the games mentioned in the thread myself and some people made quite long lists of games they played as solo games.

Categories of solo games (as I see them)

Pure 1 player games
  • Onirim (family of games). I also enjoy a couple of games from Shadi Torbey’s Onirim series, which are beautifully inventive. The ones I’ve played are Sylvion and Aerion . Admittedly I’ve only played the latter as a two-player co-op but I would definitely play it as a solo in the (what seems likely to be not too distant) future.–michaelg
  • BGG One Player Guild
  • SGOYT Aggregator – solo game aggregator for the monthly geeklists
Games that have a dedicated solo mode
  • Fields of Arle is great for a lovely pastoral time of just playing the game without another player getting in the way. Usually that’s not my bag but this is one of the better ones.–michaelg
  • Tiny Epic Galaxies has a fantastic solo mode featuring a race to 21 points against several different difficulty levels of scripted opponent that mess with your plans in a variety of different ways.–michaelg
  • Terraforming Mars solo terraforming the planet has its own charm and is quite hard–yashima
  • Nusfjord has a solo mode placing workers of alternating colors in each of the 7 rounds effectively blocking yourself from certain actions making this one a beautiful and quick puzzle–yashima
Games with bots/automas
  • Parks I am not sure the “rangers” qualify as a bot, because their mechanic is so simple but they do have their goal cards that tend to interfere with the player, so I am placing it here. For a bot this is very simple and straightforward gameplay and they present an actual–if not extremely hard–challenge.–yashima
  • Wingspan
  • Gaia Project
  • Root
  • Viticulture
  • Scythe

A lot of these Automas have been included/improved at https://myautoma.github.io/
Better Bots for Root: Root Bots | Board Game Atlas

Beat your own score
Coop Games that play well with just one person
  • Spirit Island: I usually play with 2 spirits, 1 spirit is the more advanced solo variant actually–yashima
  • Sprawlopolis: this works best as a solo game even if it is meant for more than one player. A quick little puzzle for a lunchbreak–yashima
  • Pandemic Fall of Rome (there is a specific variant for soloing this)
Games that you can play against yourself
Games that work no matter how many people play

So far I think only roll & writes fit this category but please feel free to correct me:

  • Railroad Ink
  • Cartographer
  • [Your Name Here] and the Argonauts is a very clever little print’n’play legacy solo card game. The maguffin is that in each game you tell a story of a voyage to distant lands to battle mythical creatures, but after each game you add new cards to the deck, and also take a pen to some of the existing cards and upgrade their stats. The effect of this is that each time you “tell the story”, it becomes more and more embellished and by the end barely resembles what it was when you told it for the first time. Very nice.–michaelg

Further Reading:


It can be a bit of a firehose, but I’d recommend the 1 Player Guild at BGG. In particular, if you’re thinking about a specific game, the SGOYT Aggregator will point you to posts about that game in the monthly geeklists which will show you how other solo gamers felt about it. If you’re not, the forum regulars can get a bit bored with “recommend me a solo game”, but if you say “I already enjoy X, Y and Z but not A, B and C” you’re likely to get some useful advice.


Has anyone tried getting any PnP card games printed on proper cards in the UK?

The 1 Player Guild is great! There are a few people who get really annnoyed if you ask a question that has already been asked, and a few who think you’re not a “real solo gamer” unless you play Mage Knight or Thunderbolt Apache Leader, but for the most part it’s a very welcoming community. I’ve found most of my favorite solo games thanks to the People’s Choice Top 200 Games list: