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So who is following the 6 Nations? Go Wales!!


Sweepstake Scotland

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Yeah that ain’t gonna happen! :slight_smile: Or do you mean just for this game?

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I am not a big fan of the “egg-chasing” - probably because I never really got into it or understood it tactically - but I shall be watching Scotland v England this weekend with my Dad who loves rugby. He’ll be supporting England but the best place locally to watch it will be a Scottish bar. Hope he enjoys it!

I’ve watched Wales v England in a Welsh Bar in NZ. I was supporting Wales but I have an English accent (Welsh but grew up in Derbyshire) which just confused everyone.

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Gotta keep the Calcutta cup in Scotland.

My partner is active on a hyper-local Facebook “Community Give” group where people post things they want to give away, but all within 5 miles or so (nobody wants to drive an hour across town to pick up a bag of tortilla chips).

She came home with a plastic shopping bag full of Women’s Denver Broncos shirts; she’s a Green Bay fan, but she cheers for my team as long as it’s not a conflict of interest.

My first reaction was, “Looks like someone finally gave up [on the Broncos]”

It’s been a rough few years to be a donkeys fan.


I’ve been a Bengals fan since I started following it. Its been a tough few decades… (I know we had a couple of good seasons recently!)


I was watching the end of the first T20 cricket match between NZ and Australia, and Australia won it on the final ball. Darn it, Australia. *shakes fist*

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Were you in Wellington?

The Welsh Dragon advertises itself as “The only Welsh pub in the Southern Hemisphere.”, so it seems likely.

I’ve not been in there often, but I walk past it all the time (it’s almost next to the Embassy theatre where I go most weeks for film society screenings).

Indeed I was! Its a great place

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Surely no one ever “finally gives up” on the Broncos? Temporarily, perhaps but there’s always next season and the upcoming draft and free agency.

(Ever hopeful Broncos fan since 1985.)

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Ugh. Game 2 of the series was much worse.

I watched Wales vs England in a pub with a Wales fan, who was the ONLY PERSON to shout YAY in the otherwise silent room when Wales got a try. Awkward.


Time to upgrade my darts practice facilities: from this …

… to this …


I remember watching Wales v England in a pub in Southampton. I was only one other than a barman supporting Wales. At half time we were down by A LOT and I was taking a lot of stick. By the end, we’d won and i was standing on my chair singing “You can stick your fucking chariot up your arse!”

Good times


Why is 13 the next most popular target after 20?

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That 13 was the original 20. I turned the board around after its first couple of years of use. Look at the writing around the board.