Why doesn't "del" strike through text?

Is there a formatting tag that does?

Does this work?

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[ s ] seems to do it.


I’ve been using ~~word~~ or sometimes <strike>word</strike>


So many options! Thanks guys. I’m still curious as to why <del> doesn’t strike through though. It certainly did on the SUSD forum.

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It did.

I would assume that software here is much more up to date.

I’ve been using <strike> since that’s what I’ve used for years; thanks @pillbox and @RossM for the others. Maybe semantically <del> gets paired with <ins> (which practically nobody supports) and then forgotten about because Discourse has actual revision history?

I don’t know how often the SU&SD forum software was updated. I think they may have had a faster machine to host it on, so they could do an upgrade without as much downtime.

Incidentally the next major Discourse release is planned for 24 June.

Yeh, <del> has semantic meaning and gets used by the edit history display, whereas <s> is just a styling tag (incidentally <strike> is no longer considered valid by the HTML spec). The SU&SD forums may have had some custom CSS to change how <del> was styled.

Much the same way as the difference between <em> and <i> is that one says “this is emphasised text, style it appropriately” and one says “this should be styled as italicised”, even though they usually result in the same styling.

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