What sort or D&D character would you be?

I feel like 2nd ed AD&D had this as well, but it’s been years.

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Yes, I’m pretty sure it was true in 2e as well. Then I think 3(.5)e druids had to be neutral on at least one axis. 4e pared down the alignment system and removed all the restrictions then when 5e brought the alignments back they didn’t include any restrictions for classes.


Yeah, it’s up there with the worst alignments. The alignment system in D&D kinda sucks, though, in general. It straight up codifies annoying play.

Games cause a lot of extra analysis paralysis 'cause you can’t explain yourself. So you think you’ve chosen a neutral path, and actually it was evil and everyone hates you! Whoops, that guy is dead! In a live game you can take it slower and explain your reasoning, and hopefully the DM and others can react appropriately.

Chaotic Good is the fun one. I mean, who doesn’t love Minsc?? I was one answer off from Lawful Neutral, which is probably closer to how I think of myself. While I tend to be diplomatic and try to find common ground, it’s not because I do not believe in right or wrong.

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