What games do you still want to play before 2022?

Because I’ve seen some comments around the boards about people planning to play games in the next couple weeks… I thought I might as well ask everyone to share what their gaming plans are for the holidays?

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My friend got me Oceans for my birthday last week. I tried the reef variant (beginner variant without the Deep cards) with my wife and it was just alright. He’s coming over later this week and we’re going to play with the full cards. Excited to get some crazy ocean monsters going!


My daughter has expressed an interest in playing Mice & Mystics, so we’ll be taking it along with us when we head over to her grandparents for the Christmas period.

Possibly also The Whatnot Cabinet. Haven’t managed to get it to the table yet this year, and my wife and I usually get a little bit more downtime over Christmas to contemplate a game or two, especially on New Year’s Eve.

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My own… we’re visiting family and we’ll be 4 adults and one 10 year old child. The rest of the family has moderate gaming experience. They know some family games like Azul.

So I’ll be taking along my only 18XX game :smiley: to play with my father who likes trains and 18DO is set in his hometown. If I decide there isn’t enough space, I’ll take Iberian Gauge instead. Because trains!

On the light-weight side, I have these under consideration:

  • Azul–if my nephew enjoys it I’ll mysteriously forget it there to make space for the Queen’s Garden :wink:
  • King of Tokyo–because dice!
  • Star Realms–my partner and my only duel game that works.
  • Qwantum–More dice, simple dice, dice are good.
  • The Crew 1+2–my dad already knows #1. And it’s just such a good pastime.
  • Sprawlopolis+Agropolis for myself
  • Sagani because while rules light it is crunchy… and such a good solo :slight_smile:

For my personal midweight cravings I may take along Hansa Teutonica to finally get it off my shelf of “it needs 3 people”. Possible alternative could be Polynesia.

My nephew gets Cóatl as a present as well.


Well, Obsession is apparently arriving this week, so that’s getting a play IMMEDIATELY.

I won’t be seeing any boardgame folks over the holidays so the rest is solo, but I do want to get Cascadia out again and try the advanced scoring “D” animals as a solo.


I will be running my 12 Gamedays of Christmas again this year, starting 25th December and running through to 5th January. I plan to play a different game each day during that time, so games played more than once during that period only count as one playthrough and days featuring multiple games only count as 1 day of play. Most of these days will only feature solo gaming but at least New Year’s Eve should see some group games when friends visit. Each year my collection of games expands especially for solo play, so the options increase.


Depends on what I get as Christmas presents!

I got Cthulhu Wars Duel from a different secret Santa.

Not new to me but I’ve just fired up an async game of A Feast for Odin on BGA. It’s the game I’m worst at and I’ve not played in ages so it will be good to see if I’ve improved.

Got a couple of online party games thing this week as we won’t be doing in person for the foreseeable. I’d like to try For Sale again and always like Haiclue.

Got to finish our Exit: Advent Calendar as well.


We have one potential day to play >2-player games. I’d like to get Cryptid played, and possibly Pipeline as well.


So far, it’s all online. I have some live sessions of Gaia Project and El Grande planned on BGA


Proper player count for Full Throttle with proper players.

Would like to play Royal Visit

That’s it, Senators might get played

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My wife is getting her tonsils out in the beginning of January, so starting the day after Christmas, she is self-quarantining as best she can, which means we won’t be having company over, so our group gaming is probably done for the year.

I am hoping to get a few more games from my 2021 challenge played. Mostly Pandemic: Rising Tide, Imperial Assault, and Pandemic Legacy S1. Just so they hit the table at least once this year (man, it went by quickly).

We have figured out our annual 12 Games of Christmas, which are just games we try to play through the holiday season. We’ve already played Lords of Vegas, so just 11 more games to go. Those don’t have to be done before the end of the year, though, and we already figured we’d extend the already loosely defined deadline to near the end of January to give her time to recover from her surgery. So we’ll see if we actually finish it this year. I’d post it, but I don’t remember the list off the top of my head. :slight_smile:

And, of course, I’ll want to play everything I get for Christmas, but will be happy if just a game or two hit the table before January.


I’ve been learning how to run the wakhan in pax pamir so intend a full solo game at some point.

Want to play a bit of Troyes.

Also hoping that the deluxification of dune turns up before new year so plan to get a game of that in.

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Although not playing, I also want to read the latest release of John company second edition rules.


I don’t think I’ll have many opportunities before the end of the year.

I think I’ll have another go at getting my partner to try an Exit game or SH:CD case. And we’ll likely play a couple of games while visiting her family. Probably simple stuff - I’ve got Anomia down as the main contender for that.


I am 3 games away to play every game in my collection this year: Fog of Love, Dead of Winter and Gift Trap

I pretty sure have Dead of Winter in the bag, the other two could be difficult.


I might, if I’m lucky, get a chance to teach a friend Roads & Boats on the 26th. That’s it for this year, I think.


We have a long games day next Monday (from 13.00 to 22.00) and I am looking forward to a couple of larger/longer games, like Blood Rage or Merchants and Marauders that are still on my shelf of shame. Would not mind playing Cthulhu: Death May Die if the owner is keen on bringing it in that day (it was a year ago that we played it, so I think it is worth an anniversary).

Also, looking forward to introduce Firefly to my friends on either Christmas Day or New Year Day.


As far as unplayed games, we only have Pandemic Legacy 1 and Ghost Stories left and I don’t think there’s gonna be an opportunity to get them to the table before 2022 rolls around.

Aside from that, well, Quacks of Quedlinburg is always a winner with my wife’s mom, we’ll most likely bring Great Western Trail along to the family reunion, and if at all possible I think I’d like to get my dad to play Terraformimg Mars. He’s not a gamer, but he’s a sci-fi geek, so the theme might appeal.

Maybe others, as well, but a lot depends on how the plans evolve with COVID. Things are not good here.