What are you watching?

To be fair to the actors, or at least Mark Hamill, I know in ESB he was told by Lucas to think of his lightsaber as Excalibur, so something that needed both hands to wield. And Vader used one hand for most of that fight to make him look stronger and more menacing.

What is also fun is I have watched sword experts go over the stances used in the Jedi: Survivor video game and note that the game designers must have consulted with some experts because the stances are definitely based on classic styles of sword fighting.


Season 2 of Yellowjackets is in the bag and… apparently we’ve caught up and have to wait until they’ve made more of it!

I can’t think offhand of the last time this happened to me…

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So today I finally got around to finishing Guardians 3. Bit of a rollercoaster though - from slightly bored, to warmly pleased, to guttered and then to mostly satisfied. I did like it but gosh the range of feelings I felt towards it while watching was mad!

My wife and I have started watching Lucky Hank, Bob Odenkirk’s follow up to Better Call Saul. It’s not as good at that one (I’m willing to say about 4 episodes in) but its vastly different in tone while still being a bit of a dark comedy. My goodness, the depiction of university life rings so true though - I recognise students from my classes and professors from my English faculty… The fact that the book it’s based on is from a legit English prof is deeply evident from this adaptation. Top marks for verisimilitude at least!

And of course continuing to wait on new episodes of ST: Lower Decks each week. It’s been a real hilight so far. It might be my favourite Trek ever - it’s certainly getting there.

Oh and rewatching Fraiser here and there - such a great show! I don’t have a lot of hope about the new series, particularly since it’s sans David Hyde Pierce, who was always one of the biggest draws for me. But who knows, it might surprise me.

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Any thinking about Star Wars is more thought than Lucas put into it.


FTFY. :slight_smile:

No. Lucas was making a spaghetti western in space. There was no grand vision beyond “make another THX 1138”. Pretending otherwise is just that, pretend.

Do we need a separate thread discussing the merits of Star Wars in all its various iterations?

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I thought that was what the entire rest of the Internet was for.


It’s pretty simple - there was a fun film for kids, then there was a slightly less fun film for slightly older kids. They were both good in their uncomplicated way, and hugely successful.

Then - there was everything else…

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Was it just me who found some of the dialogue in the latest Ahsoka episode hard to hear?

Having finished watching season one and two of For All Mankind, we’re back to watching Uncanny Encounter on Netflix.

For all Mankind had some great moments, it also had far too much soap drama too. Well, perhaps not too much, but it annoyed both of us when the sleep with X got in the way of the bigger story.

Season two ending they pulled off an ending that was both brutal and uplifting.

Uncanny Encounter is a Korean show that is not deep, but a lot of fun about ‘counters’ battling evil spirits. Counters are humans linked to the Korean version of angels, and the evil spirits possess people who have a predilection for violence.

Not deep or serious, but fun.