What are you spinning?

So, I realised we didn’t have a music thread!

To kick things off: Two Minutes to Late Night have been putting out various collaborative “bedroom” covers as a way to raise money for musicians unable to play gigs at the mo.

And the one they put up today features not only the vocalist of one of my favourite bands, but she’s singing in front of a wall of board games :smiley:


At the moment, Within Temptation’s The Q-Music Sessions (2013) is getting a lot of play - covers of other recent songs, basically. I like their style anyway, and I particularly like what they do here.

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I have recently discovered that I need music more than ever.

It needs to have a beat, it needs to be loud and it needs to make me smile in the first ten seconds.

As examples, the last two songs I listened to in the car;

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You know, that wasn’t a verb I ever used, even when I listened to vinyl, and even less so now that I almost always listen to music files. I haven’t been listening a lot of late, because my speakers got lost in the move, and I’m waiting to replace them until I have my own desk. But I tried out C’s headphones a couple of days ago, and listened among other things to “Worthy Is the Lamb” (from The Messiah), “The Last Saskatchewan Pirate” by the Arrogant Worms, “The Word of God” by Echo’s Children, “Judgment of the Moon and Stars” by Joni Mitchell, and “Tonight Is What It Means to Be Young” (from Streets of Fire). And then I went online and bought some classic Rolling Stones, including “Mother’s Little Helper” and “Play with Fire.”

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Here’s what I was last spinning:

Nordic Giants - Amplify Human Vibration

Amplify Human Vibration is the soundtrack of Nordic Giants’ self-produced documentary - a thought provoking exploration into the human spirit, exploring the kindness of humanity and what drives inspiring people.

The album features speeches of some of the most inspiring minds of the past and current century, such as Terence McKenna, Martin Luther King, Alan Watts and Sacha Stone.

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When I write (which is the only time I listen to music) I normally need something thematically appropriate and either (ideally) without lyrics or (sometimes) in a foreign language sufficiently foreign that my brain processes exactly none of the language.

My go-to are usually the soundtracks for Skyrim, The Witcher 3, Horizon Zero Dawn, Mass Effect, or Assassins Creed. The soundtrack to “Rebel Galaxy” is great (lots of thunky blues-rock), but too much English sadly, and I love the hell outta the “Star Control 2” soundtrack but it’s short.

Other than that, my guitar teacher is trying to give me an appreciation for Prince (he’s a’ight) and The Flaming Lips (Yoshimi vs Pink Robots is pretty cool), and I’m trying to give him an appreciation for Steampowered Giraffe (steampunk folk… “Brass Goggles” and “Suspender Man” probably being my favourites) and anything from the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack (pop culture Canadiana at its best).

Here are the wall of links:

Videos and Links


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Perhaps one of the coolest black-metal projects I have had the pleasure of listening to: Zeal & Ardor.

Described by the creator as:
“Blues, Gospel and Soul meet harsher music.”

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The Hu
You guys, they’re amazing.

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Are these guys the Mongolian band?

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This should be the theme tune for a forum like this. I’ve listened to it overwhelmingly positive message numerous time recently

And where you have Professor Elemental you have to have Mr B, The Gentleman Rhymer. This makes me grin like an idiot each time I hear it


Yes indeed

A band that might interest you (if you don’t know of them already) is Chthonic, who blend traditional Taiwanese music with black metal.


To go along with that theme of “no such thing as normal”…

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I learned that I missed a 2018 release from Pig Destroyer, one of my great guilty pleasures, and I’ve been listening to it (and enjoying it) quite a bit.

Otherwise I keep running this one any time I want to feel especially good for a few minutes:

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I should have linked a track from that album:

Powerful words.

It might not be to everybody’s taste (and the video has some scantily-clad bums) but this really reminds me of the sort of stuff I used to bounce around to 15-20 years ago. The start of the song isn’t great, but the synthy stuff from 1:40 onwards is like gooey niceness on my brain.

On the softer side I’ve been enjoying Wolfsheim again…

And more on the other end of the spectrum is I Abomination by Hocico, all the way from Mexico.

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A couple of newer tracks that have kept me entertained during the lockdown months.

Mostly Death Grips, to be honest. I listen to To Pimp a Butterfly on repeat at work most of the day, and then Death Grips at home. I’ve just downloaded loads of DG, Mr Bungle, Fantomas and Deftones (along with the just 5 Dillinger Escape Plan songs I could get) so that’s a lot of what I’m ‘listening’ to.

Had a quick listen to Zeal & Ardor after you recommendation, and have been playing their stuff all day. Loving it!

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I’m so glad!
:smiley: they’re incredible.

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