What are you reading?

Recently finished Glasslands by Karen Traviss, the first of a well written Halo trilogy about the Kilo-Five team. Made me care about the characters.


Stayed up very late last night to get through the last hundred or so pages of The Way of Kings.

Enjoyed it a lot, think I’ll go straight into the second book. I only hope the second book is formatted a bit better than the first was on Kindle.


I’m currently working my way through the audiobook version of The Mirror and the Light by Hilary Mantell. The physical book is just too unwieldy!

I’ve not been sleeping well, on the plus side that means I’ve been making good progress through Words of Radiance.

Just hit the halfway point and finding it hard to put down at times.


Big stack of stuff I read in April, though a couple of volumes of Delicious in Dungeon are missing, as I couldn’t buy them and had to read them digitally.


I’ve been watching Dungeon Meshi. More to it than I expected.

Yeh, I was watching the anime and got to the point where I couldn’t wait for new episodes, so grabbed all the books :laughing:

Just need to wait for the final volume to be published in English …


That’s Words of Radiance done and dusted.

Onto Edgedancer which at only a few hundred pages will be a bit of a palate cleanser.


Had to read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep by Philip K. Dick for my Cyberpunk course.

It was… Weird is a generous way to put it. The last three chapters are a rambling philosophical meandering mess, and the first five chapters absolutely nothing happens.

There are Born Sexy Yesterday characters, there are bad guys that are utterly incomprehensible, there’s a protagonist that’s completely unlikeable and inconsistent…


And that’s Edgedancer finished. The benefit of a rainy day off.


Yeah well, that’s Philip K. Dick for you. It’s been a while. … Man in the High Castle isn’t much less weird. … … Neuromancer is really far less weird than some of its genre siblings. And that’s saying something.

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I must admit that there are two books only that I have enjoyed their cinematic versions way more than the written one, and that is one. The other is Silence of the Lambs. But that is just narrowly better. *

Blade Runner is waaaaay better than the novel by a landslide. I agree on all your points, and I admit that the only gripping point about how pets make us more human was so not compelling for me… it could have been done way better. But there you go.

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Finished The Black Company by Glen Cook recently and started the next in the series. I have to say I am enjoying the second book more than the first so far, but I think it’s because now I am already familiar with the world and, as such, there is less heavy lifting needed by the author. The splitting the narrative between two characters is also helping, for whatever reason.


I love PKD but I think Androids is the worst of his I have read by far. Ubik or The chap in the high house thingy are much much better.


It’s a weird, quiet, sad book and the movie is so incredibly epic and different.

(Also agreeing that most PKD is better than “Do Androids…”)


That reminds me I have Ubik in my to-read list…

Currently reading Vellum The Book of All Hours by Hal Duncan.

It’s like Hunter S. Thompson wrote a story combining mythology and anthropology while channeling The Rocky Horror Picture Show, without the singing and dance numbers.

At times, I’ve just felt like putting the book down, and then something magical happens as the next paragraph transports me into a re-imagining of some old myth through a weird homoerotic lens as Dr. Frankenfurter.

Not a book for everyone.