What are you not buying?

Apologies, I thought Benkyo has started a thread like this, but I can’t find it.

A lot of responses to Gaming Goals for 2021 involved buying fewer games, or in my case not buying any at all.

I thought having a space to talk about what we’re not buying might be helpful.

So this isn’t a space for Hype, it’s a place for calm, rational discussion about why we’re not going to splash out.

To start, the game I am not buying at the moment is Beyond The Sun. Oh my this has got rave reviews from SUSD, SVWAG and Board Game Barrage. A lot of talk is that it has similarities to Innovation, which I am a big fan of.

There is no online implementation unfortunately.

The reasons I’m giving myself for not pre ordering are a) I’m not buying new games b) I’ve disagreed with all of those reviewers before c) I’ve not played anywhere near enough Innovation yet and d) it’s published by Rio Grande and a reprint, plus the first expansion is being discussed.

I’m hoping I will get a chance to play this, either with an official TTS mod, or in person post Covid. I’m hoping that Rio Grande will keep the print runs large enough that if I love it, I’ll be able to get hold of it next year.

Or I can ask for it for my birthday :wink:

Seriously, on that last bit - I’m still going to ask for games for gifts, but if I’m only going to get 4 games this year I’d better make sure they are the right ones.

So what are you not buying? Anyone got good strategies?


I am buying Nothing.

Simple as that. I’ve got first Martians second campaign to finish, half a Sherlock Holmes box and chronicles of crime unopened.

I don’t need anything.


I think @yashima had a thread with a similar theme? The thing with threads like this is that there just isn’t much reason to keep posting in them, so they slip down among the old forgotten forum threads.

I’m also buying nothing, and a big part of that is not reading about new games.

That said, I am in the unusual situation of having three(!) games on preorder (Oath, The Great Zimbabwe, Roads & Boats), so…

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I do not have a policy but I’m being very slow and careful before committing money. I normally like to play a game before I buy it, though even in normal times that isn’t always possible.

Beyond the Sun is on my “interest” list but I don’t feel I know much about it yet. Haven’t watched any reviews or playthroughts.

Similarly of interest: Sidereal Confluence v2.


I thought there was another one, but I couldn’t find it.

If @RogerBW would rather take it down then I don’t mind.

I make lists.

  • Lists of games I want (see my geeklist in the anticipated games thread, not linking here)
  • Lists of games I have: Boardgame Collection – Daily Delusions completely wip as of now. I need to see which of my personal categories are already overflowing and I need to do this away from BGG
  • Lists of games I play or don’t play
  • List of games to trade for instead (especially older games )

And I’ll just have to do my very best to not do impulse “bad day” buys.

I have all the best intentions of trying to play games before I buy them. 2020 was bad for that and I do badly teaching myself things on TTS… but after a 2 (one and a half) year game buying spree I need to slow down and one way to make sure that games I buy are at least no terrible surprises is to learn them before I buy them. Rules are usually always on BGG and even if there is no TTS mod reading those may help convince me not to buy something.

PS: this was the thread I made originally: https://discussion.tekeli.li/t/curating-a-game-collection/

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@Captbnut and @yashima, if you’d like the threads merged (perhaps with a combined title) that’s a thing I’m happy to do.

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I am fine either way, really, as @Benkyo said these tend to vanish again…

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They seem like sufficiently different topics to me. Curating a collection vs not buying new games.

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I’ll post my original comment in Yashima’s thread and then just delete this thread.

Please don’t! This has interesting content and I’d rather it not go away.

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Ok. You’re the boss.

Knowing me and the way my brain works, I’ll be ‘not buying’ a lot of games this year

In order to help myself survive the last two months, I made an early promise: If my store still had copies of the two TMNT Adventures games (City Fall and… something about Time?), I would buy them for myself on the last day before we closed for the holidays.

The reviews have been very good (8.7 on BGG, I believe?), the minis look great, and I’m a huge TMNT fan from my childhood… I read a few of the comics, and of course watched the silly tv cartoon, and also played about 4-5 years of the “TMNT And Other Strangeness” RPG from Palladium books (in all honesty I wanted to play “After the Bomb”, but it was impossible to find in the early 90s when I was playing).

That stated, I have not purchased it. I’m still very much on the fence.
On the one hand, everything I said above.
On the other hand, I don’t play the games I own, and the Power Ranger game (by the same team, I believe) is good but not great. It mashes the same nostalgia button for me, but having played it twice I think I’m kinda done with it, honestly…
On the gripping hand, I think I’m going to revise my terms and say that if I can get all my board games fully painted (that includes Defiance, Journeys in Middle-Earth’s newest expansion, and 2 Blackstone Fortress expansions), then I will pick them up if they’re still in the store (safe bet, they’ve been there for at least a year).


I make lists as well. My wishlist on BGG is my primary method of preventing myself buying games.

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I learned that it is good to have a wishlist and not buying stuff from it to keep the wishlist full.

Empty wishlists are a bad thing :slight_smile:

It is always good still to want something.


I presume I’m not buying this – but it requires comment.

Apollo 47 is the latest production from Tim “Thousand Year Old Vampire” Hutchings and, in printed book form it is… it’s just… I mean… I don’t even…


My goodness I hope that’s still easy to work with.

I’m not buying Arcs, despite being interested in it. Still waiting on John Company 2e, still haven’t given Oath a tabletop outing.


I’m trying not to buy Wonderlands War, I just can’t find any negative reviews or comments about it


SVWAG didn’t love it.