What are you not buying?

broken meeple was kind of lukewarm on it. There was stuff that was really great but hampered with long play time and compounded by a fair amount of luck of the draw.

Well, I bought Wonderlands War

But I didn’t buy, ummmm…(looks around frantically for another new game)…Ra? That’s a lie, I’m totally buying Ra, just deciding on retail/deluxe.


You could do the BGG competition and then wait to see if you won before deciding. :slight_smile:

Didn’t know there was a competition - probably only for US?

No, nothing mentioned there.


Cheers Roger, I’ll check it out

I think I’m much further from buying Dice Realms after watching board game ramblings try it out and say it was dull. My impression was that the physical actions you do would end up being kind of dull but also too big a proportion of the game… (As in the thinking and crunchy parts take as much time as the rolling parts). It’s also well expensive

Yet - Tom Lehman rarely does a duff job and the fiddling of the dice does seem kind of fun.


You know…I am currently not buying just about everything. I think I have hit board game critical mass for now. I will browse sales and even if something sort of catches my eye, I end up shrugging and telling myself I don’t need it right now and move on. I saw a game that was on my wishlist (Archaeology) available used at my FLGS and didn’t bother going in to try to get it. I just feel kind of done for now.


I find it hard to even time to play things I want to play.


This factors into my feelings as well. I’ve got too many unplayed games, or games that have only been on the table once. I want to change that, but buying more and more games just adds to that list, or at least prevents it from getting smaller.

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Yeah, I really shouldn’t be buying more, so much unplayed. And I don’t fall for every new games that comes along. I always tell myself I’ll sell some games, but I’m pretty lazy.