V-Commandos: Wipe


Certainly. Well done on the shooting: I though we were doomed there.


Okay, sneak west and do objective simultaneously. Then I’ll wait until you get back here for the final shot.


OK. I’ll take my risky move first. Move N, vis check:
@discobot roll 1d6


:game_die: 4


Action 3, I’ll do the objective. No point murdering this bloke right now; if I have four actions next turn, I can take a clear run and get out.
Sniper: move W [2], do objective [1], keep saved action, and take your shots next round?

  • Enemy reinforcements
    • North is no longer relevant as long as we don’t run out of enemies.
    • South
  • Enemy moves N
  • No enemy fire

Turn 6


Let’s not get shot at.

Sniper, I think it’s your move. Two chances for the shot.


Do I need to do it right now? I was planning to leave it until you’d made it back at least some of the way.


OK, it shouldn’t make a difference, but I’ll go S (small tile), S (stealthy to medium tile), E, and keep my saved AP while standing in the exit room.

Even better: you act now including getting out, and I’ll plan to go W, open trap, down trap, and keep my saved action. If something goes wrong with your shots, I can go for it.


Okay, let’s give it a go…

@discobot roll 1d6


:game_die: 3


First time’s the charm :). East to re-stealth, then out. Sayonara, General.


OK, here’s phase 2. The only special rules are the second entrance on the large tile, and that we don’t automatically set off the alarm when there are four of us.

Turn 7


Assuming we want to stay stealthy as long as possible, there seems to be definite value in using our silenced weapon and wall-hopping to get charges in the E and N objectives, and then blow them simultaneously. Does that make sense?


Seems reasonable to me. Scout first into the large tile, I guess, given large-tile-stealth ability; though with only a S exit, I suspect it’ll be fairly full until we start making holes.


OK. There’s value in crowbarring either the E or the S entrances, but I’m not sure which is best. Giving the scout our crowbar is worthwhile, since it’s easier for them to crowbar entrances on medium tiles.

Since the sniper will likely be staying close to the exit, giving them the Bombardment seems sensible.


Until we start blowing things up, south seems to be ancillary to that large tile, so I’d be inclined to go for the east. Once we allow alarms, the sniper can help keep entrances closed.

Scout might go N, crowbar, W; in fact if we all gather in that “crater” small tile it seems like a reasonably decent idea.

Might make sense to give that StG44 to sniper or scout, just to maximise total firepower.

(I believe @Lordof1 is away with family, and after tomorrow I’m also going to be away for a few days.)


That all sounds reasonable. Shall we put the game on hold until everyone is back?


Seems sensible to me.


OK, see you tomorrow.