V-Commandos: Helmet

Here’s the list of all operations, with the ones we’ve played so far crossed out. Sources are {S} for Secret Weapons, {R} for Résistance, {k} for Kickstarter extras. At this point, without repetition, we can accommodate any number from 3 to 6. Who’s interested?

(@JGD and I have played quite a bit, but it’s fairly quick to pick up…)

Time Pencil: February 1942, Bruneval/France: 4 players
Freyja {k}: February 1942, Munich/Germany: 4 players
Checkers {R}: April 1942, Grevena/Greece: 6 players
Red Fish {S}: April 1942, Lorient/France: 6 players
Green: October 1942, Jersey/Great Britain: 4 players
Greatsword: November 1942, Bordeaux/France: 3 players
Grail: February 1943, Dantzig/Poland: 3 players
Snowflake: February 1943, Stord/Norway: 4 players
Black Tea: February 1943, Rjukan/Norway: 3 players
Wipe: March 1943, Hamburg/Germany: 4 players
Flail {R}: March 1943, Liège/Belgium: 6 players
Victory {R}: April 1943, Berlin/Germany: 3 players
Starter {k}: July 1943, Essen/Germany: 3 players
Knighthood {R}: November 1943, Paris/France: 4 players
Rapacious {S}: February 1944, Wassenaar/Holland: 5 players
Snake {S}: May 1944, Oostende/Belgium: 4 players
Steam {R}: May 1944, Saint-Avold/France: 6 players
Silence: June 1944, Longues-sur-Mer/France: 4 players
Celcius {k}: June 1944, Le Havre/France: 4 players
Shooting Star: August 1944, Paris/France: 4 players
Atlanteia {S}: October 1944, Hopsten/Germany: 6 players
Helmet {k}: December 1944, Worfen/Austria: 3 players
Chained Eagle {S}: April 1945, Göttingen/Germany: 5 players

I have never played this before, but it looks really interesting, so if that is not a problem, I would like to try.

It is quite straightforward. I’d like to play.

That gives us three. Up to three more spaces available.

Rules would be helpful.

Probably worth having a chat about the rules first; they’re not the clearest. I’m working on a complete rewrite but it’s not ready yet.

May be incomplete but shouldn’t be wrong:
rules.pdf (85.9 KB)

@COMaestro - shall we jump in, or should I talk about the rules?

I think I have got it, though I may have some questions here and there as we play. Just to be clear, when you are on a tile, you are essentially considered to be adjacent to every other space on that tile, right? So you can do close combat, no matter where your commando or the enemy unit are, so long as you are stealthy and they are both on the same tile?

Yes. The only bit of a tile that’s considered in any way special is a machine gun or Goliath nest, and none of the terrains on this mission has any of those. Apart from that, the fineness of positioning is just “which tile are you on”. You can close-combat anyone on the same tile as you as long as you’re stealthy, and shoot anyone in the same or an adjacent tile.

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This operation uses core game rules, so available commandos are:

(only one of each name)

Sergent Bruno, with the silenced Sten, please.

Officer with silenced Sten for me, thanks.

Heh. Let’s make it the triple, then.

Medic gets a first aid kit from the equipment bag. Three enemies are taken out of the enemy bag because they’re already on the board.

Turn 1

Event phase

Commando phase

This is where we need a plan. Up out of the trapdoor is 1, move north is 1, save an action is 1, and that’s what I’m inclined to do.

OK, let’s all do that. Then someone shoots the door, then the sentry, (spare action if they miss him) and saves, someone moves in (2), activates the cable-car and moves out East, and the third person moves in (2), moves out East and saves. Does that make sense?

West? (We’re coming in from bottom right.)

My concern is that the rooms after the first are enemy entry points.

But if COMaestro agrees I’ll roll turn 1 and we can see how things look then.

Sorry, yes, West.

I’d missed that second enemy entry point, which makes life much more difficult. How about:

Turn 1: All up, north & save.

Turn 2: Someone shoots the door, then the sentry, has a spare shot, saves. Someone else goes N, activate, S. That gets us the cable-car in the right place. If the sentry drops something useful, the third person recovers it.

Then we need to solve the problem of getting to the cable-car, which may require the right movement from the sentries?

That seems viable; we’ll set off the alarm when we activate the cable car, so we have to survive one turn of alarmed entry (and then, if I’m reading it right, we have to activate it from the objective again to start it moving up).

Turn 1 sounds good, up, North, save.

Depending on how sentries show up, on Turn 2 I can shoot the door and use my ability to shoot and give you both a free shot to hopefully guarantee we get them all, then do the other suggestions for Turn 2.

OK, I’ll run through this in detail for the sake of clarity.

  • enter a small tile (stealthily, via a trapdoor) [1]
  • enter a small tile (stealthily, northwards) [1]
  • save an action [1]

and the same for Medic and Bruno.

Enemy phase


Enemy type from north, south, east, west:
@discobot roll 4d2
(in a face-to-face game this randomisation would be done by drawing them out of the bag with a random face up)

@RogerBW asked for a die roll:
4d2: 1 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 7