V-Commandos: Grail (Dec 2020)

For @JGD and @COMaestro.

Borrowing bitmaps from last time I ran this one:

Bruno with the silenced Sten, please.

I think I will take the Officer with the silenced Sten.

The medic is tempting… but I’ll try gold scout. (If I look like doing something brave, stop me.)

Shipyard terrain - no special rules.

Turn 1

Phase one will be getting the explosives, and I suspect subphase one is nobbling that guard on the alarm.

Yup. Bruno will come up (2) and save.

Given the predicted north move, scout plans to come up (1), N (1), save.

Officer will come up stealthily and move N.

That leaves you without a saved action: is this deliberate?

Yeah. One way or another, I will be short an action later, it feels. Either by being one space further away getting the +1 now, or by being further along, but not having the +1.


Enemy reinforcements (clockwise from the left drydock):

  • enemy-3
  • enemy-2
  • enemy-1
  • zero

Enemies move: N.
No enemy fire.

Turn 2

If Officer and Bruno can clear out the enemy on the alarm (and maybe the one on the exit, but not required), Scout can get the explosives: E, E, S, (grab), N. Or even block that entrance and stay there.

Bruno will wall-hop N into the same tile as Scout and Officer and shoot E at the guard on the alarm:

@discobot roll 2d6

:game_die: 3, 2

That’s dull. Try again:

@discobot roll 2d6

:game_die: 6, 2

Got him, save last action. What did he drop?

A crowbar.

@COMaestro, would you like to advance and shoot the guard to our East?