UK Games Expo 2023, 2-4 June

A thread for convention plans, since I’ve just booked my hotel. I expect to spend about half my time demoing for either Wotan Games (if they get a booking together) or Ares (Wings of Glory), but on past form I have more fun wandering round the halls with a friend than solo.

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What hotel are you staying in? I’m about 5 minutes away in Coleshill, because it was £50 a night rather than £200

Ibis Coventry South, same reason - it’s about 20 minutes’ drive in. (For anyone else, I’d recommend it, but I have very specific demands of hotels: quiet, parking, and breakfast. I don’t care about a gym or the TV in the room, etc.)

I’m going, with Mrs Dangerous! We booked the Premier Inn, just round the corner immediately after last year. Booked in on the BITS Traveller game, and a Runequest one (can’t remember the actual names off-hand). Last year we spent Saturday on a mad dash around the halls, but this year we’ve bought 3 day tickets! Looking forward to finding some gems in the bring and buy, my Mrs has a serious boardgame addiction though, lucky I drive a Mondeo, really . . .

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I booked at the Ibis hotel by the airport (wooo! Sky train!) after I saw the 2023 dates in their Programme PDF

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I need to get around to actually booking this and finding a hotel :grimacing:

Sadly no longer a maglev, but being cable-hauled with rubber tyres it’s pleasantly quiet.

In previous years they’ve hidden the URL, but there’s a public interface to the Bring and Buy so that you can actually see what’s there before you plunge into the undifferentiated random mass. That might just be frustrating, of course.

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If any of you are in or near Manchester then you’d be welcome at my alternative “con”. Couldn’t justify the hotel cost and would rather spend it on more game and some beer!
I’d planned to invite friends and acquaintances to a hired pub/community centre venue, but following feedback on availability and cost preferences it has turned into a house invasion for the weekend. Let me know if you’re in need of gaming action at zero cost and we can squeeze you in!