Twilight Struggle PBF 2, public thread

Coup roll: 1

Formosan Resolution, Iran to 2/0, Afghanistan to 1/0


Do we want to desalinisation this turn?

So @Captbnut out of Finland and Yugoslavia and into…

Just what you need against Ben, a comically bad roll.

What’s DEFCON, 3? If we DeStalinize before DEFCON 2 then he can coup us and we lose the advantage.

We’d be better off couping in Iraq imo

Oh, Gosh, I was supposed to be following this. Sorry!!

Middle East sounds great, but is it worth it since the score card has been played already? By playing there you are announcing you have no score cards, isn’t it better to go elsewhere (Panama?) and make him think we have a score card he needs to worry about?

Defcon is 4.

So where do we want to coup and with what card?

Current hand.

I say we destabilisation now, into Chile, South Africa and India. The last turn was a washout we couped he restored it.

Let’s give him three headaches.


I wonder what headaches he will respond with…

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Defectors to put Pakistan to 2/0

Nice easy one.

Marshall plan

2 influence to gain control of India.

2 influence into South Korea, so we can lock it off next turn

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Yes, Asia score card cannot be too far away…

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Lock it in?

@Captbnut ??

Go for it.

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Marshall distribution as pictured: Canada, UK, France, W. Germany, Spain, Greece, Turkey

Nasser for event, coup Egypt, roll 5.


Play Warsaw pact for influence.

1 in South Korea and 2 in Iraq to claim both battlegrounds?

That sounds good

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Greetings… I popped into this forum as I enjoy the Whartson Hall podcast… and stumbled across this. I happen to be a friend of Ben’s… (I taught him how to play TS in fact though I’m rather out of practice as I dislike online play) so I won’t intervene after this. However I can’t help but notice that you have CIA and 5 Year Plan in hand and have used the China Card… which means that you are putting yourself in a potentially game losing situation if DEFCON goes to 2.


Welcome to the board!


Hey @Mantis43 !

Here are my thoughts.

We play Korean War this turn for influence next turn we play

5 year plan


Space 5 year plan if we’re at defcon 2

It’s better if we can defuse them safely to get them out of the game.

I can’t remember if it’s safe to headline CIA in turn 2. There’s a risk if he co headlines Olympic Games but has he got other DEFCON lowering options he’d play?

Ben knows the deck though. I imagine he could guess we’ve got one or both of CIA or 5YP because he’s now got the China Card.

What is DEFCON currently?