Twilight Imperium 4 is getting a new expansion

Twilight Imperium 4 has a new upcoming expansion called Prophecy of Kings. Exciting! More players, more factions, more cards and a pink player colour!

I know that there are a fair number of people on here who are fans of TI4, are you excited for the new content? Or is TI4 already big enough as it is? Has anyone been looking at this game and wishing there was more?

I haven’t played the base game myself but I always enjoy hearing about the game from people who are well-versed in TI and have opinions. It’s nice to see it’s getting support for those who want it. Do the new mechanics sound like a cool shake-up for the game? Do you play/enjoy it enough to warrant expanding it at a fairly high price point? Are you more of a pink or an orange kind of player?


Calling @Marx, as I think he is probably the person most experienced with the game in this forum.

For me, I have only managed to play my copy once so far, and even that was not played to completion, so I cannot justify purchasing the expansion at this point, especially for $99. I like the sound of a lot of the content, but when I have barely scratched the surface of the content I already own, I just don’t need it.

Still want it though. :wink:


Not that I have played, but it seems like they are complementing the downsize of Version 4 to give the option for those who want a bigger experience. I cannot blame them for giving fans the option to expand, but will that trade off not make it even more difficult to bring it to the table? I guess it’d be nice to be able to include an extra player or two if needed with the new material, but being as it is on my Great White Whales list, I think I’d stay with Version 4, as it would be tricky enough to bring to the table as it is.


Hey, I’m an expert in something! I mean, other than screwing up… lordy, am I an expert in that…

ANYway! Yes, TI4. Over a dozen games of it so far (was well on my way to 20 plays before this pandemic hit… I think I’m at 17 or 18 total).

The thing I am least excited about is the increased player count. TI3 was 1.5 hours per player (8 players = 12 hour game, not including breaks, snacks, lunch, and dinner). TI4 has gotten that down to a svelt 0.75 hours per player (6 players = 4-5 hours), and if that manages to hold for 8 players you’re looking at a 6-7 hour game. Which is reasonable for an “event” game, which TI3 was, but one of the greatest joys of TI4 is that it wasn’t an event. I could work a full day, get home at 6pm, and play a 6 player game while still being in bed by midnight. I don’t think I’m ready to surrender that yet. That stated, love the new colours as options.

What I am most excited about is the new Public and Secret Objective cards. There are too few in the base game for the amount of variety that should be in the game, and the new ones we’ve seen seem to be more interesting and better balanced. Additionally, more system tiles is freakin’ fantastic.

The new diplomatic elements (promissory notes) seem extremely interesting in that they add teeth to negotiations. As it stands, most of the time it’s honour system for sticking to an agreement: the game seems to be making it explicit in there being consequences to breaking treaties. Which I like.

The hopeful heart in me is excited about the new races (I suspect that the balance is going to be whack with a few of them, but that’s okay!) and the mechs. The Action cards will probably be fine, and I think the Commanders are going to be a bit of a pain to include, so I may not bother. Oh, and the exploration decks… I’m not convinced they will really add much to the game that’s not enormously fiddly. “Attaching” cards to planets is already a pain, and it sounds like that will become even more common. Not a good step, from what I can tell.

My fear, of course, is that the game will creep back up in length. An hour per player is feasible (for 6 players), but more than that and we’re moving back into TI3 territory (which I loved, but player 2-3 times at most every year for its entire life).

Also, Pink. All the way.

Oh! Oh! I don’t know if you watched the livestream the devs did, but a lot of the commentary specifically focused on the Winnu. Which is good, because the Winnu suck. And the fact the designers can recognize that is a very good sign for the health of the game. I’m definitely getting it the second I can… I don’t think it’s an auto-include by the way they’re describing it (despite them insisting), but I after the phenomenal job they did with the TI3 -> TI4 transition, I think it’s a very safe bet.

For the sake of discussion, I will point out that I didn’t use 50% of the expansions in TI3 because most of the time they were very fiddly and solved problems nobody really seemed to have (make Cruisers more attractive by dropping mines, for example, or punish early exploration). But that’s okay, because the other 50% were great, and I didn’t play TI3 enough to need more. TI4 hits my table often enough that more sounds like a great thing.

Edit: System TILES, not system TITLES.