Topic of the Week: Outside! Do you go there?

So you might guess this one was inspired by my plays of Fields of Arle today.

Here‘s a few sample question for the topic:

  • Do you go outside regularly?
  • What is it like outside where you live?
  • Any (fun) activities you (like) doing outside?
  • Do you like games with the same themes as the stuff you are doing outside?
  • What‘s your favorite game with a „doing stuff outside“ theme?

The Fields of Arle Bonus Questions:

  • Do you farm/garden/houseplant?
  • What do you think of the magical multiplication of sheep as introduced by Agricola?

I go outside at lunch since the lunch group died off. I like walking, unfortunately my city centre location makes it very boring to walk, so I’ve temporarily paused my walks

Generally I like the idea of outside, but I need an Activity.

I’m not not into outside themed games generally, as they are generally lower interaction games.

Fun topic


I go outside a lot, as we have a dog, and dogs need walks. Luckily we live right on the edge of a town, so we have a good variety of walks - streets in one direction, fields in the other.
I love to be up high in the hills/mountains. I don’t so much love the upwards walking needed to get there, but being up there really is worth it.


Yes, I get outside a fair bit. Typically for a walk or run, sometimes for a swim. The landscape here is very scenic. Beaches, forests, hills and mountains, pretty much on the doorstep. Plus work gets me on a boat every once in a while.

A few pictures from a few different time points.

Not sure what my favourite outdoors doing stuff game is. My most recently played is probably either Fungi or Whatnot Cabinet. Both are a bit on theme - foraging is always fun, and collecting ‘treasures’ as you come across them is always a given.

  • Whether I go outside largely depends on the season and possibly the weather. Since I work from home… it is entirely possible to not leave the house for days. However, we now have a garden and I go have a look at the garden almost every day.
  • Activities I (enjoy) doing outside:
    • I love doing errands with my e-bike. I don‘t like riding in circles without purpose but going somewhere on my bike is lovely… and some errands are created so I can ride my bike somewhere.
    • I went for a run in the local woods last week, I haven‘t done that in a long time and I wouldn‘t exactly call it a „fun activity“ but I really should do it more often.
    • In the summer, I really like sitting outside in a beer garden… drinking beer is an activity!
    • Gardening… sometimes more sometimes less. Though this year it seems to be a real slug-fest out there and so that‘s all I‘ve been doing concerning the garden: slug murdering. Enjoyable? Nope. Necessary: yes.
    • When on vacation, we like the occasional hike. We always manage to find a hike that is just a little above our abilities or equipment… fun times.
    • In winter: skiing. It‘s basically the only outdoor sport I really enjoy. But not for long. Skiing in the alps is going away in the near future by becoming unaffordable first and a bit later impossible.. I just like snow.
    • Now that I think about it. If it ever snows… I really enjoy being outside when it snows. So much so that I don‘t mind snow shoveling—I actually think it‘s fun. But that may be a function of the little amount of snow we get.
    • Photography. This is a hobby that has fallen to the wayside a little bit in recent years with pandemic & renovations but I have every intention of getting back to it. And not just for vacationing. For now it‘s mostly with my mobile in the garden…
  • What is it like outside here?
    • We have a nice garden and a view over the city
    • Residential area no shops nothing, way too many cars everywhere
    • Local town center is down the hill about 2km. It has almost everything we need. It‘s a cute old town with a nice market and some good restaurants, old houses, a nice park, very picturesque
    • Very nice but hilly woods about 200m in the other direction, good for walking, stressful for running
  • Games with outside themes:
    • Skull Canyon: Ski Fest. I bought this because there are no games with the theme. It‘s fine. I am keeping it for lack of alternatives.
    • Trailblazers: hiking, bicycling and kayaking (which I have occasionally enjoyed). Great game. Also for traveling.
    • Flourish: you kind of plant a garden in this one. It‘s been a while. But I bought it for the theme and it‘s a nice drafting game that even has a neat solo-mode.
    • Three Sisters: a R&W about planting vegetables.
    • And that‘s it. That‘s far fewer games than I expected… also I have no game about beer drinking?!?

Bonus questions

  • Obviously, I farm the Rosenberg way. Arler Erde and Nusfjord are both excellent.
  • I garden and I plan on doing much more vegetable gardening next year. I never finished setting up my raised beds (but with the slug fest that was probably good—saved me some frustration)
  • The only houseplants that survive my attentions are a bunch of orchids. At least one of those is 15 years old now. But the move stressed them a lot…
  • I found out years ago that the multiplication of sheep is its own mechanic on BGG it is called „Automatic Resource Growth“ and top non-Rosenberg games tagged with it are: Spirit Island, La Granja, The Lord of the Rings Card Game and Daybreak. I like the mechanic but I always want to make fun of it.

Can’t go outside now, too hot and humid.


I’ve taken boardgames outside on several occasions, never with any complaints. Honestly though, outside is for outside games. Bocce is so easy to bust out so long as nobody cares about the quality of the field. Horseshoes, cornhole, and any number of silly tossing games are endlessly entertaining thanks to their scale and simplicity. Hell, even “Yardzee” (Yachtzee with enormous dice and a bucket for outdoor use) can be a great distraction when you’re out touching grass.

…I dooooooooooo drink alcohol, which I’m not going to ignore as a positive influence on my opinion.

  • Do you go outside regularly?

Yes as someone has already mentioned, we have a dog so outside at least once a day! Also, if its nice, I prefer to do most activities outside - I take my dinner outside, i read outside etc.

  • What is it like outside where you live?

We live in South Dorset so quite a mix of terrain. The sea isn’t too far away so regularly pop down, there is a logging forest nearby to walk the dog and just generally lots of green.

  • Any (fun) activities you (like) doing outside?

Mainly walking, with or without the dog. I used to cycle quite a bit so might take that up again soon.

  • Do you like games with the same themes as the stuff you are doing outside?

I don’t know if I really play any games that have an outside theme!!? I suppose I have Climbers, does that count?

  • What‘s your favorite game with a „doing stuff outside“ theme?

See above.

  • I never really get time to garden - I actually quite enjoy it when I do but I’d never manage to grow stuff at the moment because my attention would be haphazard at best!

I feel like I have loads, but maybe I’m using a much broader definition of the criteria? “Doing stuff outside” would, to me, mean anything not set indoors. All farming and exploration games are “doing stuff outside”, for example?


I live in a Zone 4 town in London (Fare zones. Zone 1 being the centre and so on) and it’s fairly suburbia. I mostly do walking nowadays and I need to get back to my pre-covid gym habit.

I’m not really a theme guy so hiking/walking themed games dont really grab me. A lot of farming games appeal due to their bucolic appeal of escaping from the city. I’m aware it is nonsense though.

  • What do you think of the magical multiplication of sheep as introduced by Agricola?

Genius idea


That’s fine obviously. Farming is obviously doing stuff outside :slight_smile: I still neglected the Rosenberg games because … dunno. I don’t farm. But I like playing them and they are probably my favorites over all the other ones I named.

Btw: I totally forgot Parks on my list of activity games as its been inching closer to the sell pile. It is so pretty and I love the National Park cards a lot but the game itself doesn’t hold much appeal for me.

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Nope, it’s exactly how it all happens. Honest…


Especially the sheep multiplication.
But the sheep only multiply outside when its dry. Otherwise they want stables.

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A few outdoors-y games that I enjoy in my collection:

  • Arboretum
  • K2
  • Survive: Escape from Atlantis!
  • The Fox in the Forest
  • The Lost Expedition
  • Through the Desert
  • Village Green

When I was a kid I used to like to camp. Then I went through a period of roughly 24 years where I would avoid being outside whenever possible. Then COVID hit and I wasn’t going anywhere at all, plus I got diagnosed with some health complications and suddenly some deliberate exercise was the thing. And as an apartment dweller, exercise equipment wasn’t practical, plus I suddenly needed to be able to walk to the grocery store and back because public transit wasn’t safe (and for a while, wasn’t running). Not that I wanted to go to the grocery store regularly of course, but delivery wasn’t going to cut it on its own.

So I got into the habit of daily walking and…yeah, I guess it’s all right being outside, for a bit. I still don’t want to just hang out outside usually, or heaven forfend, eat, though. Especially not now that bugs are fully active and it’s hot.


I don’t mind eating outside, but I can’t compute picnics and camping.

Where shall we sleep? The ground is good

Where shall we eat? Also on the ground

GIve me a bed and a table please


Thats what airbeds and camp tables are for.


For me, camping was mostly about being able sleep for free, and carry your home with you. So, a means to an end - travelling - rather than a goal in itself.

Of course, now I’m old and decrepit, with less free time and more money, and kids to look after, so everything has shifted.


I was thinking eating at outdoor tables at restaurants, but yes I also do not wish to do picnics particularly.

Bugs, heat, wind. No thank you.


We’ve been going out in our pool since summer is miserably hot. Otherwise, I do very little outdoors because I am allergic to most of it.