Title banner, anyone?

So, what say ye to changing the logo of the site? It seems a bit odd to be on “tekeli.li, the unofficial SUSD forum and official Discourse forum!” Could we put something more thematic up top?

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I had given this some thought. Unproductive thought…

Maybe the word “Tekelilu” artistically superimposed on some dark, foreboding noir/pulp-aesthetic mountains.

So… I was working on one, but I’ve been sidetracked by buying a house long-distance and then trying to get things packed up to move.

Here’s a sample:



Do we claim to be the official Discourse forum? We certainly ought to stop if we do, because (a) the company that publishes Discourse might be cross, and (b) people might believe us and start asking about the software.


I’m guessing it was supposed to be “Official Whartson Hall forum”

I guess we’re stuck with the name “tekelili” for the time being, and I can’t say that it offends me personally. But I predict that the cultural environment is going to turn further against honouring dead white racists. If we emphasise the influence of H.P. Lovecraft now we will be embarrassed later.

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I certainly wouldn’t fault someone for making that argument; I think the Lovecraftian mythos now exists outside of that of the works of H.P. Lovecraft (for better or worse in many different ways).

That said, “Tekelili” being a direct quote from a H.P. Lovecraft novel is somewhat more problematic than merely having a theme set in the mythos.

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…to add to Pillbox I would also say that Lovecrafts work is increasingly being introduced to people with the caveat that his opinions are racist. (Yes we’re on a tangent, although an important one.)

Lovecraft borrowed “Tekeli-li” from Poe’s The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket, so if you’re concerned that an HPL association might tarnish the good name of this site then point people to that.


No, we were a later addition to the forum after Roger joined the group.


I don’t think the Lovecraftian connection with gaming is going away any time soon, and I think it’s fairly clear from a casual glance at the site that most of us have positive opinions about women, seafood, and non-white people.

I registered tekeli.li because I was amazed nobody else had thought of it first, as a general holder for my roleplaying stuff. Then it seemed reasonable to add discussion.tekeli.li as a subdomain of that.

I like @apcshields’ first draft logo and I’m looking forward to seeing the next version.

If anything is claiming to be “official”, let me know where and I’ll change it.


The rugose tentacle is shaped so much like an S as to be distracting.

There’s a reason for that. Wait until the thing’s ready…

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Ooh… Interesting…

Could that reason be SUSD?