The Handsome Mans Principle

How to judge a game by its cover.

Because “nothing ensures a surefire hit quite like a stern, bored looking European guy on the cover of a board game.”

A very familiar topic, but a funny read nevertheless : )


A board game can have the most scintillating theme and beautiful art, but if it isn’t fun, it isn’t worth the cardboard its printed on.

I’d like to see this article updated for the Kickstarter age.
I also appreciated the shoutout to La Granja; I really like that game.

I don’t understand people who pooh-pooh a good game like Automania because of the cover art.

Yes, it’s cartoony/stylized, but what’s wrong with that? But then, I never minded the art of the original Glory to Rome. It didn’t affect the game play or the theme at all.

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Must be a very controversial article :wink:


“We really want to use our invasive analytics on you, to the point that we’ll lock you out rather than let you see our content without them. What’s that California? And Maryland? Uh-oh.”


Funny that, it does work in NZ…

Funny enough, I just bought Il Vecchio, which is shown in the linked article!

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For Science!