The Greatest WW2 Board Game, Ever - Undaunted: Stalingrad Review



All this review tells me is I should really get around to playing my copy of Undaunted Normandy…


I can confirm that Normandy is excellent, though my strange brain that can’t read train timetables or airport boards also can’t handle the map/scenario layouts so setup makes me cringe. Moral of the sorry is play with someone who likes setting up the map!


The description of the campaign system was a major turn-off for me. Scripted scenarios, made absurd by fighting over/in buildings that may have been ruined already.

Almost certainly not applicable to the small scale fights or abstracted system here, but I loved the description of how Simmons resolved the strategic objective system in Triomphe a Marengo: if I recall correctly, morale tokens get placed in locations after a successful defence, but then that location becomes something painful to lose. So the key locations are determined organically, not scripted in advance.


I know it’s not really relevant, but I do wish they had at least mentioned that both of the sides are kinda awful.

Don’t get me wrong: between the two, the Soviets are definitely the heroes. They won WW2. But they also ushered in a period of utter terror and oppression for the majority of the USSR, ramifications of which we are still dealing with today (including the possibly-gonna-start-WW3-ness of Ukraine).

But I don’t want to pick between real-world villains. I just don’t. Can somebody get Osprey to make exactly the same game but either fantasy or sci-fi themed so I don’t have to feel so squiggley inside at the thought of playing either of these armies? Thank you.

Also, that pan-to-head cut? Spectacular.


I feel like, after watching the video, that Quinns probably should have just re-recommended Undaunted: Normandy. It sounds like it’s a better value and that anyone who wants a 15-game campaign already knows they want a 15-game campaign, and more than likely, it should be someone who already owns one of the other games in the series.

I was on the fence about Normandy, and not really even interested in North Africa; but this giant box that costs $90 just seems like such a poor value.